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New breakthrough may lead to HIV relapse cure

Sydney: Scientists are now better able to predict how quickly the HIV virus will return after individuals stop treatment, thanks to the discovery of new immune system biomarkers by researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia, and the University of Oxford.

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Data reveals frozen embryos as successful as fresh embryos in IVF

Sydney: IVF cycles using embryos that have been frozen and thawed are just as successful as fresh embryos, according to a new UNSW report.

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Research finds turbo-charging hormone can regrow the heart

“The dream is that one day we will be able to regenerate damaged heart tissue, much like a salamander can regrow a new limb if it is bitten off by a predator. Just imagine if the heart could learn to regrow and heal itself. That would be the ultimate prize.”

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New drug targets skin cancer

Sydney: A new class of drug targeting skin cancer’s genetic material has been successfully tested in humans for the first time, opening the way to new treatments for a range of conditions from skin cancers to eye diseases.

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New norovirus strain could cause severe gastro epidemic

Sydney: The University of New South Wales (UNSW) researchers have discovered a new strain of norovirus that they warn could cause a severe epidemic of acute gastroenteritis in Australia this winter.

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Two-virus link to prostate cancer

Sydney: Two common viruses known to be associated with human cancers are both present — and may even be collaborating with each other — in most male prostate cancers, a new study suggests.

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E-nose detects malignant mesothelioma

Sydney: Australian researchers have developed a breath test using an electronic nose to help diagnose malignant mesothelioma, a rare tumour, in its early stages.

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New discovery of adult stem cells gives fresh possibilities for heart regeneration

Sydney: Researchers have discovered a new population of adult stem cells in the heart, which could augment the development of new regeneration and repair therapies for people who have suffered heart attack or heart failure, the leading cause of death in Australia.

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New research offers hope for the treatment of brain tumour

Australian scientists have played a key role in the identification of a new biochemical mechanism that allows brain tumours to survive and grow, offering hope of new drug treatments for some of the most aggressive tumours.

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New treatment for depression shows promising results

A new, non-invasive treatment for depression that delivers barely perceptible electric currents to the scalp has had promising results in a Sydney trial, and researchers are now looking for participants for a follow up study.

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