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New project to quickly bring cancer cures to clinical trials

London: Potentially life-saving therapies for cancer will be accelerated into clinical trials more quickly due to a pioneering project launched by scientists and clinicians at the University of Sheffield.

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Combining chemotherapy with an immune-blocking drug could stop cancer growing back

London: Giving patients a drug that blocks part of the immune system from going into overdrive might help prevent cancer coming back in some people, according to research published in the journal Cancer Research.

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Ultrasound accelerates skin healing – especially for diabetics and the elderly

London: Healing times for skin ulcers and bedsores can be reduced by a third with the use of low-intensity ultrasound, scientists from the University of Sheffield and University of Bristol have found.

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Pioneering Indian research centre launched to find solutions to excessive use of antibiotics

London: Researchers from the University of Sheffield are set to tackle some of the largest global health problems thanks to a landmark collaboration between the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Government of India Department of Biotechnology (DBT).

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Effects of high-risk Parkinson’s mutation are reversible: Study

London: Researchers from the University of Sheffield have found vital new evidence on how to target and reverse the effects caused by one of the most common genetic causes of Parkinson’s.

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Food web inside humans suggests potential new treatments for infection

London: Imagine going to the doctor with an infection and being sent home with a course of drugs. Unknown to your doctor you actually have two infections. If you take the drugs will the other infection go away by itself? What if you take the drugs and the other infection gets worse? This quandary faces those treating patients with multiple infections.

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Communication skills should be made a part of medical curriculum

Paul Bissell and Padam Simkhada recently visited leading health institutes of India to strengthen the bonds that their university has with Indian institutes. In an exclusive conversation with India Medical Times, they discussed about the ties that the University of Sheffield has with Indian institutes, their main research areas in varied fields of health and the current global scenario of health and research.

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New treatment for brittle bone disease found

London: A new treatment for children with brittle bone disease has been developed by the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

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Breakthrough could help sufferers of fatal lung disease

London: Pioneering research conducted by the University of Sheffield is paving the way for new treatments, which could benefit patients suffering from the fatal lung disease pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).

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