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Short Poem: Beat Diabetes

According to a conservative estimate, India has some 63 million people suffering from manifest diabetes out of total 422 million people in the entire world. The agony for we Indians is that it is this very land from where the vivid description of diabetes was put forth by famous surgeon Sushruta in 500 BC.

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Opinion: Apposite to commemorate India’s foremost medical icon of the last few centuries

What is more astounding though is how we have allowed a medical stalwart from our country to remain obscure. This remarkable practitioner/scientist was singlehandedly responsible for saving millions of life. And all we have to commemorate him is a road in Kolkata — and that too happened only very recently. Most medical students and practitioners would probably not be familiar with his name.

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‘Healthy lifestyle should be adopted right from early adulthood to avert diabetes’

New Delhi: Experts have emphasised the need to adopt healthy lifestyle right from the early adulthood to avert the pandemic of diabetes engulfing the entire country because of its genetic propensity and unhealthy lifestyle.

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Of Divinity, Retro Dynamics and Basic Edicts in Physician-Patient Relationship

Just as the tribe of family physician faces extinction, the meaning of the word “personal” has transformed considerably when applied to medicine. Today “personalized” medicine does not mean time for the doctor to better understand the individual patient. It means using more technology.

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Dentists should go for laser dentistry: Rosaiah

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Governor K Rosaiah on Saturday called upon dentists to get acquainted with dental laser procedures, which are painless and bloodless.

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Leech therapy makes a comeback in India

New Delhi: A few years ago when Hollywood actress Demi Moore said she let leeches suck her blood as part of a therapy to look fresh and young it made headlines. This ancient medical therapy of using leeches for clinical bloodletting to treat certain health conditions is making a comeback of sorts in India where the therapy is said to have originated.

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