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Chennai hospital installs new MRI system that can reduce scan time by upto 67%

Chennai: Global Hospitals on Saturday inaugurated the country’s first wide-bore 3T Silent Scan MRI with MAGiC, which can reportedly reduce scan time by as much as 67%, at its hospital in Perumbakkam, Chennai. The hospital also inaugurated GE Healthcare’s Discovery IQ PET/CT system that can assist in diagnosis, staging and post treatment monitoring of cancer.

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Survival rates for patients with prostate cancer better with surgery versus radiotherapy

London: A rigorous evaluation of survival rates has shown that cancer patients with localised prostate cancer — the most common form of prostate cancer — have a better chance of survival if treated by surgery than by radiotherapy.

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Indian doctor under probe over cancer treatment in Britain

London: An Indian-origin doctor in Britain has been suspended and is facing an investigation over the treatment he gave to cancer patients, a media report said.

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New drug combo could make cancer more sensitive to chemo

London: Combining chemotherapy with new drugs that target a protein that helps cancer cells to withstand chemotherapy could drastically improve treatment, according to research published in the journal Cancer Cell.

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New urine test improves prostate cancer detection: Study

New York (IANS): A new urine-based test has improved prostate cancer detection compared to traditional methods, says a study.

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Personalised medicine on way for prostate cancer patients?

Kolkata (IANS): Paving the way for personalised medicine, Indian scientists have identified for the first time various genetic alterations found in prostate cancer patients in the country, a development that could aid clinicians diagnose, decide and select the most effective and precise therapy for the person.

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Breast cancer risk may be increased in women who have relatives with history of prostate cancer

Washington: Having a family history of prostate cancer among first-degree relatives may increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. That is the conclusion of a new study published early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society.

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Cancer cases on the rise in India

New Delhi: Cancer comes without warning. It does not give the victims an alarm to be alert and approach a cancer specialist as soon as it attacks them. Because of this mysterious character of this disease, as many as five lakh people are dying from cancer every year in India, according to a World Cancer Report from the World Health Organisation.

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Cancer vaccine developed to boost lifespan of patients

Moscow: Russian scientists have developed a vaccine for the treatment of cancer that can increase the patient’s lifespan more than two-fold, ITAR-TASS reported on Wednesday.

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Jubilant’s molecule gets FDA approval for drug trials

Bangalore: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted the novel molecule of the Bangalore-based Jubilant Biosys for clinical trials to treat prostate cancer, the pharma company said on Saturday.

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