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Women with dementia receive less medical attention: Study

London: Women with dementia have fewer visits to the GP (general practitioner), receive less health monitoring and take more potentially harmful medication than men with dementia, reveals a new study by the University College London (UCL).

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Poem: Compassion ethics and nobility only way so says the Doctor’s Day

‘Medicine most often gives you money for decent living,
Friendship sharing grief compassion to be scruple name and fame,
If nothing an opportunity to sharpen your skill never goes in vain’,
So said the most eloquent Charak* foremost trinity ‘Vrihat Trayi’ I

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Need for greater interaction between dentistry and other branches of medicine

The patient is quite willing to describe and discuss with the doctor all his other troubles and complaints, to which, as he says, he is a “martyr” — his indigestions, headaches, liver troubles, his rheumatism, his gout, and his “neuritis”. But the subject of his teeth is his own affair — one between himself and his dentist. And the doctor regards it as such.

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Study shows drug can purge dormant HIV

Washington: Researchers from the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill have published pioneering research showing that a drug used to treat certain types of lymphoma was able to dislodge hidden virus in patients receiving treatment for HIV.

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Epilepsy drugs increase risk of fractures and falls

Sydney: New research has shed light on the high risk of fractures, falls, and osteoporosis among epilepsy patients using antiepileptic drugs with most patients unaware of the risks associated with taking the drugs.

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