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#Budget2017: Govt to create 5,000 postgraduate medical seats every year

New Delhi: The government has decided to take steps to create additional 5,000 postgraduate medical seats per annum, according to Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

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Poem: Compassion ethics and nobility only way so says the Doctor’s Day

‘Medicine most often gives you money for decent living,
Friendship sharing grief compassion to be scruple name and fame,
If nothing an opportunity to sharpen your skill never goes in vain’,
So said the most eloquent Charak* foremost trinity ‘Vrihat Trayi’ I

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Book Review: ‘Dissenting Diagnosis’: A Must-Read For Every Medico

The most amazing aspect about the book ‘Dissenting Diagnosis’ by Dr Arun Gadre and Dr Abhay Shukla is that despite it carrying some extremely depressing and infuriating truths about medical practice in India, it still is the best thing to happen to our profession in the recent past.

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‘No Free Lunch’ set up to check pharma influence in medical practice

New Delhi: Dr Gopal Dabade of the All India Drug Action Network and Dr Narendra Gupta of the NGO Prayas, in association with MEZIS (‘Mein Essen Zahl Ich Selbst’ or ‘I pay for my own lunch’), a German organisation of doctors fighting the influence of pharmaceutical companies within the profession in Germany, have established ‘No Free Lunch – India’ (NFL-I), an initiative to bring ethical changes in the medical, dental and pharmacy practices.

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Heal Thyself, O Dear Physician!

If you have lived to be fifty, and don’t mind going down the memory lane, even if briefly, you would readily agree that a striking change has overtaken the medical profession. The charisma, the goodness, the nobility that once defined this hallowed profession, and its amour-propre, has taken a full-blown punch on its nose.

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Opinion: Cultural competency and cultural safety help provide better patient care?

‘Culture’ refers to integrated patterns of human behaviour that include the language, thoughts, actions, customs, beliefs, and institutions of racial, ethnic, social, or religious groups. ‘Competence’ implies having the capacity to function effectively as an individual or an organization within the context of the cultural beliefs, practices, and needs presented by patients and their communities.

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Medical Practice – Then and Now

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Interview: ‘Patient is the Boss in healthcare industry’ — Sunil Saggar

“What is the ABC of a doctor? A is availability, B is behaviour and C is competence. The moment a patient wants a service from a doctor, if a doctor is available it basically serves the purpose. Then his behaviour – he should have time to listen to his patients, he should use his fingers as a physician who understands things, not ordering unnecessary investigations or diagnosis.”

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An MBBS intern speaks his mind to the nation

I’ve seen so much of the distasteful face of the ‘noble’ medical profession that it has finally dawned on me: all that nobility is completely fictitious today. The only thing that is real is my passion, and I cannot afford to get it scathed.

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Of Divinity, Retro Dynamics and Basic Edicts in Physician-Patient Relationship

Just as the tribe of family physician faces extinction, the meaning of the word “personal” has transformed considerably when applied to medicine. Today “personalized” medicine does not mean time for the doctor to better understand the individual patient. It means using more technology.

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