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Govt may reduce seats in surgical super-speciality courses that fail to attract doctors

New Delhi: Fewer doctors are opting to become surgeons these days and non-surgical courses such as cardiology, endocrinology, urology, nephrology and medical oncology have emerged as the big draw for young medical professionals, according to the union health ministry data on admissions to speciality courses.

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Opinion: The Great Indian PG Medical Admission Tamasha

The amount of suspense, excitement, emotions and disappointment generated by the counselling drama, which takes place yearly, is to be endured to be believed.

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Opinion: Let Us Not Comfortably Ignore The Fundamental Problems With Indian Medical Education

As delighted as I was to read a piece highlighting the problems bedevilling Indian medical education, coming straight from a promising medical student himself, I was equally dismayed to be reminded about the malady Indian medical education continues to suffer from.

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AIIMS-like Institutions or Medical Education without Faculty

If media reports are anything to go by even the AIIMS (the old and the new ones) are now struggling to recruit faculty. One has to wonder if this is the situation for AIIMS, what is happening to our state medical colleges and of course the private ones? Are medical students in India really getting the education they deserve or are we just giving them the degrees?

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Indian Medical Education — A Story of Negligence and Decline

It is high time that India conducts a ‘Flexner reform’ of its own. Research and innovation should be encouraged at student level along with the incorporation of modern teaching and training methodology and tools. The government also needs to crack down on medical colleges working without an infrastructure and either shut them down or revamp them with modern standards. Medical education should transition from singular rote learning to a more holistic approach that can benefit the nation in long run.

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Opinion: Allowing foreign trained doctors to teach in India, a welcome move

I was most interested to learn about the recent Medical Council of India’s decision to enable those physicians who hold postgraduate qualifications from English speaking countries viz the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to function as teachers in medical institutions in India.

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Rs 15 lakh fine for medicos who leave their postgraduate course midway

Patna: The state government has decided that medicos who leave their postgraduate medical course midway would have to pay Rs 15 lakh fine and also return the stipend money they received. Almost 50% PG medical seats, especially in non-clinical courses, remain vacant in the state.

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12 states, 4 union territories favour exit test for MBBS students

New Delhi: Twelve states and four union territories have favoured making it mandatory for MBBS students passing out of government as well as private medical colleges to clear the proposed National Exit Test (NEXT) to get the ‘doctor’ title.

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Doctors with PG from five English-speaking countries can now teach in medical colleges in India

New Delhi: The Medical Council of India (MCI) has amended the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 to make doctors holding postgraduate medical qualifications (MD, MS, DM or MCh) awarded in countries like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand eligible to teach in medical colleges in India.

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80% people opposed Exit Test for MBBS graduates

Wardha (Maharashtra): Responding to an RTI query, NITI Aayog has informed that 80% of the public, who responded to NITI Aayog, when it invited suggestions by email, have opposed the move to conduct the National Licentiate Examination (NLE) or Exit Test for MBBS graduates.

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