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ITC may delink doctors’ pay from patient bills in its proposed hospitals

Kolkata: The tobacco-to-consumer goods conglomerate ITC is looking to build hospitals driven by clinical protocols as opposed to individual doctors.

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Quality of care does not differ between physicians and non-physician clinicians in community health centres: Study

Washington: A new study, published in Medical Care, examining patient health outcomes in community health centres found that nurse practitioners and physician assistants delivered care that was equivalent to care delivered by physicians.

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Opinion: Just injecting more money into the current healthcare system won’t make us more healthy

Dr Kamal Mahawar penned a very perceptive piece on his analysis of the Federal Budget and what we should extrapolate from it in terms of healthcare delivery in the country. He has made a careful analysis and I must compliment him for his efforts.

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Time to abandon fragmented healthcare programmes

Despite an increased overall expenditure on health, increased number of postgraduate medical seats, and development of some of the health centres in villages, this year’s union budget was full of empty rhetoric and no real strategy on the part of the government.

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Opinion: Is the focus of Budget 2017-18 on healthcare adequate?

The honourable Finance Minister deserves applause for increasing the budget allocated for health by 27% to Rs 48,000 crore. However, though laudable, it is hardly adequate when we look at the healthcare needs of India.

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NATHEALTH welcomes ‘Affordability-Accessibility focused Budget for Healthcare’

New Delhi: The Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH) on Thursday termed the overall Union Budget 2017-18, including the healthcare part, as progressive, with some unmet needs.

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Govt planning to make doctors work in rural areas

Indore: Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Faggan Singh Kulaste has said Centre is mulling to make it mandatory for doctors to work in rural areas for a stipulated time to overcome shortage and boost healthcare services there.

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Budget Proposals: Doctors demand Income Tax exemption for small hospitals in rural areas

There is no shortage of MBBS doctors to work in villages but there is a desperate shortage of regular jobs for them. Every job advertisement of every State Government for Permanent posts of Medical Officer in State Medical Services is applied for by MBBS doctors upto 10 times the number of posts advertised.

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Regulatory hurdles in setting up a new hospital in India

In a country which has an increasing tax regime yet completely lacks in providing adequate and quality healthcare or medical security to its citizens, private hospitals are the only alternative left for a huge chunk of the population both rural and urban. At present, healthcare in India suffers from under regulation subjecting the populace to poor quality of treatment, quackery menace and high costs.

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Opinion: India needs to treble its Healthcare Budget

A recent piece published on India Medical Times reported that medical students want the government to increase postgraduation places. It is indeed sad that students have to point out to us what is obvious and something really associations like Indian Medical Association ought to be pushing for.

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