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Interview: There is no community care for mental health problems in India — Dr Vikram Patel

Dr Vikram Patel is Professor of Global Health & Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Honorary Professor, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom; and Adjunct Professor & Joint Director, Centre for Chronic Conditions & Injuries, Public Health Foundation of India.

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Diabetes drug slows down growth of pancreatic cancer

New York: Researchers are likely to have uncovered a novel mechanism behind the ability of the common diabetes drug — metformin — to inhibit the progression of pancreatic cancer.

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Obama to present National Medal of Science to Indian-American professor

Washington: President Barack Obama will present the National Medal of Science to Rakesh K Jain, an Indian-American professor at Harvard Medical School and director of tumour biology laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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New doctors at high risk of depression: study

Washington: More than one in four doctors in the early stages of their careers have signs of depression, said a study. The study claimed the gruelling years of training for a medical job are to blame.

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When should paediatric residents consult their supervisors on issues that come up after hours?

Washington: In most teaching hospitals, after-hours patient responsibility is covered by resident physicians, who are always able to call a supervising senior physician for advice on handling situations that may come up. But which situations require immediate consultation and which can wait until the next day can sometimes be unclear.

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Indian-origin scientist designs tiny ‘vehicle’ to drive drugs to targets

New Delhi: With the side-effects of therapy being one of the major stumbling blocks in advancing treatment for deadly diseases, a team of scientists, including one of Indian origin, has designed a “nanovehicle” that could drive drugs straight to their destinations — the diseased tissues — thereby sparing other healthy organs from any unintended effects.

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New method could help spot delirium quickly

Washington: Asking just two questions may be able to help nurses and doctors quickly and easily identify delirium in hospitalized older adults, according to health researchers.

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How smartphones can revolutionise healthcare

New York (IANS): Mobile devices could rapidly reshape the practice of medicine by enabling smooth cross-platform communications, Harvard researchers say.

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Five billion people have no access to basic surgery: Lancet

London (IANS): Millions of people are dying from easily treatable conditions like appendicitis, fractures or obstructed labour because they either have no access or cannot afford proper surgical care, a significant research published in the prestigious journal Lancet has revealed.

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New recommendations for treating patients with high blood pressure and CVD

Washington: A new scientific statement issued jointly by three medical organizations and published in the American Heart Association’s journal Hypertension, addresses how low to aim when treating patients with high blood pressure who also have vascular diseases.

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