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Opinion: The Great Indian PG Medical Admission Tamasha

The amount of suspense, excitement, emotions and disappointment generated by the counselling drama, which takes place yearly, is to be endured to be believed.

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Opinion: Designate me a ‘Public Servant’

Violence against doctors has assumed epidemic proportions and unfortunately it is condoned and sometimes even instigated by public officials. Leave aside the demoralizing effect, physical hurt and economic loss to the doctors, there is extreme danger to other patients admitted or being treated in the facility where such violence occurs.

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Deaths that will not count

Now that the stent prices have been capped, there is an “artificial shortage” of stents in the market leading to delays in conducting angioplasties. Government, of course, has responded with threats of strict action against hoarders and profiteers who cause an artificial scarcity.

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Opinion: What are we congratulating?

It is indeed creditable that due to actions taken by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) executives an inter-ministerial meeting was formed in November 2015 to look at the demands raised by the association. This, in itself, was a huge plus. However, to claim that the results of these inter-ministerial meetings have been a successful intervention by IMA is far from the truth.

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Is hospital a den of thieves?

When, as a society, we crib regarding hospital bills, overcharging and fraudulent practices of hospitals in India, there are certain issues that remain under wraps and there is also a need to look at these, which are beyond the obvious.

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Opinion: Is the focus of Budget 2017-18 on healthcare adequate?

The honourable Finance Minister deserves applause for increasing the budget allocated for health by 27% to Rs 48,000 crore. However, though laudable, it is hardly adequate when we look at the healthcare needs of India.

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Opinion: To Declare or Not To Declare, That is the Question

As regards the question of whether or not to declare the sex of foetus is concerned, as doctors we first need to be clear what is it that we oppose. No responsible organisation, especially of doctors, will support sex selective abortions. It is the unjustified harassment for minor clerical errors which is the crux of our problems. If this is settled then let us examine whether our harassment will decrease following the reversal in policy from no sex determination to compulsory sex determination.

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Opinion: Regionalism as camouflage for Greed

Regionalism is a political tool to hide the real fact that most politicians would lose substantial capital invested in private medical colleges if NEET is implemented.

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Opinion: Expect Rs 20 lakh compensation for extravasation of IV fluids causing cellulitis and gangrene leading to amputation

It is frequent in wards of hospitals to see patients developing extravasation of drugs and fluids into sub-cutaneous tissue leading to thrombophlebitis, swelling, discolouration, cellulitis, compartment syndrome, gangrene rarely leading to amputation. Honourable Supreme Court in August 2014 in a case involving Manipal Hospital and now Bombay High Court on 21st December 2015 in a case involving a Municipal Corporation Hospital have established a benchmark compensation of approximately Rs 20 lakh for such cases.

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Opinion: King of Maladies — by Dr Neeraj Nagpal

There are many diseases which afflict medical profession in India today some of which are due to external causes like quackery, violence against doctors, litigation under Consumer Protection Act, poor image in society, bureaucratic control through PCPNDT Act and CEA, licensing through Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Biomedical Waste Management Act/Rules, lack of budgetary allocation to health by successive governments. There are other diseases, which are not extrinsic in origin like erosion of ethics, selfishness, ego, turf war, lack of unity and many more. The king of all maladies, which afflict the medical profession today, however, is jousting; the habit of doctors frequently criticising the previous doctors directly or indirectly.

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