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Embryonic stem-cell therapy can treat incurable conditions: Dr Geeta Shroff

New Delhi: Fifteen years ago when scientists the world over were still trying to understand the health benefit of the human stem-cell technology, an Indian specialist in the field took a step that left many in the scientific community bemused.

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Australian treated with new cell-based therapy

New Delhi (IANS): In a rare surgery, a 35-year-old Australian woman with a spinal injury for 14 long years regained her sensory ability after undergoing a new cell-based therapy at a hospital here, doctors said on Monday.

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Teenager cured of paralysis with new therapy

New Delhi (IANS): A teenaged girl, suffering from partial paralysis due to a spinal tumour, has been cured after successfully undergoing the Human Embryonic Stem Cell (HESC) therapy at a city hospital here, authorities said on Monday.

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Americans flocking to India for stem cell therapy

Washington: A growing number of Americans are travelling to India to seek treatment for rare diseases through India’s experimental embryonic stem cell therapy, according to an investigative report.

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Stem cell regulations shouldn’t stifle research: Indian experts

India is mulling measures to regulate research in the therapeutic use of human embryonic stem cells – a field that offers promise for curing brain, nerve and spinal cord diseases, among others. But experts say the regulations should not be very harsh or affect ongoing work in the field.

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