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Establishing a ‘connect’ with patients

To look into one’s eyes, to lend a listening ear, to be able to talk sweetly, lovingly and reassuringly from the heart, to be able to feel the pain of a person, not just pain, but the conglomerate of feelings packed with emotions of not just your patient but also his loved ones. All these are attributes of a true doctor.

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Opinion: Journalism or Sensationalism

In this instance, media could easily let the doctors get on with a very challenging patient rather than blowing the whole episode out of proportion. They cannot even imagine the unnecessary burden of expectations that then places on the shoulders of treating units already dealing with myriad other challenges.

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Violence Against Doctors: A Frightening New Epidemic

The majority of doctors decide to go into the medical profession with the best of intentions. They want to help people, ease suffering and save lives. Despite these noble intentions, many doctors and nurses put their own lives on the line in the course of their jobs, facing attacks from the very people they are trying to help.

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Opinion: Five Real Problems that the Indian Medical Community is Facing Today

Neither the Indian Medical Association (IMA), nor the government is keen on abolishing quackery. The ordinary medical person finds it difficult to survive in an environment where he has to compete with a quack.

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Health ministry urged to frame proper regulations pertaining to medical records

Chennai: The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) has urged the union health ministry to frame proper regulations and guidelines pertaining to medical records in the best interest of doctor-patient relationship.

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Know your doctor before you beat him up! Your doctor has infirmities too!

Recently, an article popped up in the Mumbai Mirror regarding the ramshackle state of the Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care Facility of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital, Kalwa, Thane. Being employed there myself, and realising that this pitiable state has a ramification that deserves a worthy mention, I was nudged to pen this piece of rejoinder for all my medical and especially non-medical friends.

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Interview: ‘Patient is the Boss in healthcare industry’ — Sunil Saggar

“What is the ABC of a doctor? A is availability, B is behaviour and C is competence. The moment a patient wants a service from a doctor, if a doctor is available it basically serves the purpose. Then his behaviour – he should have time to listen to his patients, he should use his fingers as a physician who understands things, not ordering unnecessary investigations or diagnosis.”

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FOGSI has declared zero tolerance for violence against doctors

FOGSI has declared zero tolerance for violence against doctors. You can’t beat up a doctor; it may be a wrong judgment or negligence also but that does not have to cost his or her life. You can prove him guilty or not guilty, you can make him accountable in some manner, take him to court, that’s the process but nobody wants to follow the legal procedure.

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Physicians’ brain scans indicate that doctors can feel their patients’ pain – and their pain relief

Washington: A patient’s relationship with his or her doctor has long been considered an important component of healing. Now, in a novel investigation in which physicians underwent brain scans while they believed they were actually treating patients, researchers have provided the first scientific evidence indicating that doctors truly can feel their patients’ pain – and can also experience their relief following treatment.

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Empathy raises patients’ pain tolerance

Washington: A doctor-patient relationship built on trust and empathy doesn’t just put patients at ease — it actually changes the brain’s response to stress and increases pain tolerance, according to new findings from a Michigan State University research team.

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