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PGI Chandigarh to organise conference on organ transplant | PGI director Dr Yogesh Chawla’s tenure comes to an end

As the tenure of PGI director Dr Yogesh Chawla ends on Thursday, dean of the institute, Dr Subhash Verma, has been asked by the union health ministry to take over as PGI director until the new director is appointed.

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Nanomeds, combating dengue, 3D printing trended in India

Kolkata: India became the world’s third country with the prowess to manufacture raw materials for nanomedicines, addressed a growing public health concern by approving a new drug for hepatitis C and made strides in 3D printing in healthcare as 2015 ended on a cliff-hanger with the launch of the world’s first anti-dengue vaccine in Mexico giving hope to the South Asian country.

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Hope for India as world’s first anti-dengue vaccine approved

Mexico City / New Delhi: At a time when India is struggling with rising number of dengue cases with each passing year, the Mexican government has approved the world’s first anti-dengue vaccine which is designed to protect people in the 9-45 age group from all four subtypes of the virus.

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Mexico unveils world’s first dengue vaccine

Mexico City: Mexico unveiled the world’s first approved dengue vaccine, saying the treatment is 60.5 percent effective against dengue and 93.2 percent effective against severe dengue.

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Brazil to release its own dengue vaccine

Brasilia: Brazil has said the vaccine against dengue developed in the country will be available by 2018 when all tests are completed.

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NEJM publishes results of phase III clinical study of dengue vaccine candidate

Lyon (France): Results of final landmark Phase III efficacy clinical study of Sanofi Pasteur’s dengue vaccine candidate has been published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

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New strategy to disarm dengue virus brings new hope for a universal dengue vaccine

Singapore: A new strategy that cripples the ability of the dengue virus to escape the host immune system has been discovered by A*STAR’s Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN). This breakthrough strategy opens a door of hope to what may become the world’s first universal dengue vaccine candidate that can give full protection from all four serotypes of the dreadful virus.

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