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Clinical Establishments Act does not exempt accredited hospitals from registration, says Health Minister

New Delhi: Union Health Minister J P Nadda on Friday informed the Lok Sabha that the Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010 (CEA) does not have any provision to exempt accredited hospitals from registration.

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Bihar Govt notifies formation of registration authorities under Clinical Establishments Act

Patna: The state health department on Sunday notified the formation of state council and district registration authority for the implementation of Clinical Establishments (Regulation and Registration) Act in Bihar.

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Way forward for Doctors in Clinical Establishments Act

Two writ petitions have so far unsuccessfully challenged the Clinical Establishments Act (CEA) 1) Dr R S Bedi vs Union of India in Punjab & Haryana High Court and 2) Dr Ashwani Goyal vs Union of India in Delhi High Court. Another petition filed in Madras High Court is still pending.

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Why do cows think non-vegetarians are threat only to chickens?

I have often wondered why corporate hospitals do not join the masses of “ordinary doctors”. Is it that they feel their houses are stronger than those of the mere “small and medium healthcare provider”? Do they think their clout can spare them the legal problems associated with the medical practice? If so, I wish to remind them that in an earthquake the one with the thatched roof suffers the minimum damage. It is the palatial buildings which when they fall cause the maximum loss.

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Good-bye Clinics & Nursing Homes, Welcome Corporate Hospitals

The friendly neighbourhood physician, as well as the small husband-wife run nursing home, is soon to be phased out. These clinical establishments dotting the country in every nook and corner and providing 70 per cent of the total healthcare services are now becoming history. The medical scene in the country is about to change drastically and we only have our own lethargy to blame.

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