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Light beam replaces blood test during heart surgery

Washington: A University of Central Florida professor has invented a way to use light to continuously monitor a surgical patient’s blood, for the first time providing a real-time status during life-and-death operations.

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Blood test can predict if antibiotics are needed

New York: Researchers at Duke University Medical Centre have developed a blood test that can determine whether a respiratory illness is caused by infection from a virus or bacteria so that proper antibiotics can be prescribed.

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India-developed blood test for kala-azar to be tested in Africa

Kolkata: Indian scientists have developed a cheap, easy and ultra-sensitive blood-based strip test for kala-azar or visceral leishmaniasis (VL), the second largest parasitic killer in the world after malaria. Having been validated in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Brazil, the technology will now be tested in Africa to enable nations fight the ravages of the disease that is lethal if untreated.

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Blood test results vary from drop to drop in finger prick tests

Washington: Rice University bioengineers have found results from a single drop of blood are highly variable, and as many as six to nine drops must be combined to achieve consistent results.

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Soon, a blood test to detect lung cancer

New York (IANS): Scientists at The Wistar Institute in the US have found a protein in the blood that appears to be more accurate at detecting lung cancer than currently available methods used for screening.

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New blood test can predict future breast cancer

London: By analysing a simple blood sample, scientists from the University of Copenhagen have succeeded in predicting if a woman will get breast cancer within two to five years. The method – a metabolic blood profile – is still in the early stages but over time the scientists expect it could be used to predict breast cancer and more generally to predict chronic disease.

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Blood test for patients on acne medication deemed unnecessary

Washington: A study by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) has found that for young, healthy women taking spironolactone to treat hormonal acne, frequent office visits and blood draws are an unnecessary healthcare expense.

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Study shows new blood test distinguishes bacterial and viral infections

Jerusalem: MeMed on Thursday announced publication of the results of a large multicentre prospective clinical study that validates the ability of its ImmunoXpert in-vitro diagnostic blood test to determine whether a patient has an acute bacterial or viral infection.

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Smartphone dongle detects 3 infectious diseases from a finger prick of blood in 15 minutes

New York: A team of researchers, led by Samuel K Sia, associate professor of biomedical engineering at Columbia Engineering, has developed a low-cost smartphone accessory that can perform a point-of-care test that simultaneously detects three infectious disease markers from a finger prick of blood in just 15 minutes.

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Metal test could help diagnose breast cancer early

London: It may be possible to develop a simple blood test that, by detecting changes in the zinc in our bodies, could help to diagnose breast cancer early.

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