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Tales of a small town surgeon in India: the case for global health investment on essential surgery

Dr A works as a surgeon in a small town of India. Like any other small town doctor, he has settled for a practice here because of the affinity and close proximity to his home. Building up from the scratch, Dr A has slowly set-up an infrastructure that provides the best possible quality and affordable healthcare to patients from surrounding rural areas who can’t afford highly expensive private hospitals or far-off government hospitals.

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Indian Medical Education — A Story of Negligence and Decline

It is high time that India conducts a ‘Flexner reform’ of its own. Research and innovation should be encouraged at student level along with the incorporation of modern teaching and training methodology and tools. The government also needs to crack down on medical colleges working without an infrastructure and either shut them down or revamp them with modern standards. Medical education should transition from singular rote learning to a more holistic approach that can benefit the nation in long run.

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The Neglected Silver Generation of India

“Viewed as a whole, the problem of ageing is no problem at all. It is only the pessimistic way of looking at a great triumph of civilization.” — Frank Notestein

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