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Comment by vivek
2011-11-04 22:35:05

Dear Sir,

Cancer is ruining our lives.

Radiations escaping from X-Rays, CT Scan and other radiations can increase this cancer(refer a lot of examples like (Risk of cancer from diagnostic x-rays: estimates for the UK and 14 other countries. Lancet 2004; 363:345-51).

For this Government of India controls all such units under AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) under BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre).

All medical centres including dental X-Rays should comply with standards prescribed by AERB and obtain necessary approvals from AERB.

But painfully speaking practically none of the centres are fully compliant with such directive and approved by the concerned authority.

AERB had published a statutory notification in this regard in “The Tribune 29th July, 2011”)
We request you to carry forward this message and do your own survey to check the compliance and prevent the Cancer Train

Thanking you
Working for Safe World

Comment by Dr. Ramesh Vardhan
2012-01-15 17:51:32

in our country not implement the rule , is itself an rule. any body can set up an x -ray unit, ct center . most often patients think it is therapeutic, and for referring doctor it’s the source of income , & for owner of the establishment bit of every thing. in general no one scared of any thing……because tit= this is india, every one doing the same so , me too. therefore you too can join. this is the mind set. my question is who is regulatory body?, what are they doing ? have they taken any action against the violators ? so on …so forth…

Comment by Ayub eskandari
2012-11-28 19:38:22

Thanks for the wonderful news for low cost ultrasound device just tell where and how can I purchase one please reply me at thanks for your efforts. A.Eskandari

Comment by Dr syed ameer pasha
2013-01-12 17:56:43

Nice help

Comment by golam mohammad
2013-07-23 11:54:04

I want to apointment with Dr, Rajasakeran

Comment by Dr.O.P.Sharma
2013-10-07 21:17:11

Can i contribute news in Geriatrics ?

Comment by Editor
2013-10-08 09:19:31

Yes sir. You may send your article to

Comment by Maj Pankaj Rai
2013-10-21 20:53:44

Dear Editor,

It takes a while for the truth to come out. This refers to the open letter written by Dr Rajanna Sreedhara, nephrologist of Fortis Hospital at Bannerghatta Road Bangalore to Aamir Khan after ‘Satyameva Jayate’ which was published on your website.

Dr Sreedhara had committed perjury to obtain a clean chit from Karnataka Medical Council and had misled the Council. After my complaint, Karnataka Medical Council has issued a fresh show cause notice to him in ENQ51/2013. If permitted I can provide details.



Comment by shruti goswami
2013-11-28 19:27:55

Please call or send email regarding the diploma courses in anaesthesia and radiology

Comment by mahesh kapar
2013-12-11 08:21:09

regrading the bsc community health govt should use the resource of ex army from the medical corps . they have the knowledge of more than 20 years in medical field . that name can be taken from record office A.M.C. LUCKNOW.FOR MORE DETAIL CONTACT ME ON9604858768

Comment by Ismail Malik
2014-04-10 20:21:28


I am residing in Punjab Pakistan and my nephew is require treatment of Cysteamine, which is not available in my country. Please guide me that what is procedure for purchasing of cysteamine and also inform me nearest place for this medicine.

Comment by dr sharat gupta
2014-05-13 07:06:28

i am a regular visitor on your website.
i was going through the list of the medical fields that your articles pertain to. however it was disheartening to find that there was no section on Physiology. there is so much research going on in this field and as such physiology is also the basis of medicine..
it is thus my earnest request that you start incorporating interesting and valuable articles in this field as well.
thanking you
yours sincerely
dr sharat gupta
assistant professor of physiology
gian sagar medical college

Comment by Madhu Gautam
2014-06-24 15:21:50

To The Editor

I am trying to the concerned person regarding a training programme that Delhi based BLK Super Speciality Hospital has taken to train medical staff in Kenya. BLK SSH has signed ann MoU with Kisii University in Kenya to hold regular training and OPDs in their.

Have shared a detailed note on

Please help me to connect to someone for this.

Comment by dr atul bhaskar
2014-07-25 16:16:04


I would like to highlight that we have launched a special clinic for children with “osteogenesis imperfecta and metabolic bone disease ” at the Dr L H Hiranandani Hospita.

There are several children in India who don’t receive timely treatment of their fractures in OI. Many are just treated like ordinary fractures and left to heal in a malformed position which predisposes to more fracture. Many orthopaedic surgeons don’t want to stabilize the fracture as they feel that it is difficult.

To increase awareness about this condition we have a special clinic at Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital, Powai , Mumbai.

Please highlight this in your newsletter so that more children can benefit with treatment.

Dr Atul Bhaskar
Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon


Comment by amanraj
2014-07-27 22:59:06

Sir i hav given jcece board exm . With this can i get adms in mbbs

2014-09-26 04:13:42

i am a senior radiology resident . our no is very less but still i feel that if i work as a farmer i can serve the society better than a radiologist but in this life i cant because my skill is more developed as a doctor. specially our department is more guided by businessman not by a real doctor. it is most unfortunate thing for our society.

2014-09-26 04:20:50

I have talked with few dharmasansthan they think i am a mad person because i think for the society . I have strong faith on SWAMI VIVEKANAND who has told mai ush prabhu ka sevak hun. jise agyani log manushya kahte hai. i have still hope thatswhy i am writting .

2014-09-26 04:35:14

I worked as resident in radiology in apollo hospital. I really impressed by the concept of health check but it is only for high afflent people not for middle & low socioeconomic groups where it is really needed because in our country our ~ 95% population comes under this group.
our nation is democratic but where is this democracy.if some one is really reading my thoughts please reply . i have proud on our advancement in media only a judicious utilisation is required. i talk with a journalist of hindustan about my mission to make a healthy society . Now he is not peaking my phone.
this is THE TRUTH but still i have faith on my SWAMI JI thatswhy i am writting.

Comment by ravi shankar prasad
2014-09-29 08:25:08

Sir i am interested in ot senior ot technician in job in patna

2014-10-25 18:24:19

wonder ful reading–if u start a series of article–how to build a new 25 bed nursing home -having nabh standards , many small doctors like us will benefit–we are ignorant about size of rooms, gen. ward size etc

Comment by Ajeet Kumar
2014-12-02 14:42:59

Dear Sir,

This website is really very useful for Health Professionals.

Thanks for your efforts.


Comment by Manish
2014-12-25 15:50:03

kindly Suggest me How can i complain ageist medical association or Doctors ???

Comment by mohammed
2015-01-03 00:48:09

The patient underwent three surgeries for the treatment of anal fistula and still pus out of the slot fistula. Hospital processor Yemen decided to have treatment in India, so I want to know the costs and the period and the hospital and Dr. method of treatment.

Comment by Dr. Manjinder Singh
2015-01-12 23:20:08

Sir I’ve read all your comments and consider you my idol. And I agree with you wholeheartedly that normal physiology is the basis of medicine.
thanking you
yours sincerely
Dr. Manjinder Singh
assistant professor of physiology
gian sagar medical college

Comment by R N SEN
2015-01-20 16:15:57

Respected Dr. Gupta,
Thanks for Beautiful update!!! could it be suggested what should be course of action of a 62yrs old retired husband when his wife dies within 36 hrs in a private hospital ITU,while entered walking to EMO office.
chief C/o mild RDS; with past H/O , pneumonia, PAH ( average BP 130~150/70~80 with med), HOCM with dynamic LVOT gradient (96mm at rest), during RDS SpO2 98% with O2, in RA 88%. Although EMO advised for CXR PA view, the actual was done a AP view on 27/11/14 at 01:43 AM( rpt yes AP view), and depending on this only investigation without any other differential diagnosis ( like pneumonia relapse, ARDS induced pulmonary issue and others) the Pt. was diagnosed for hypervolimia and pulmonary oedema (even in JVP written as +/-, not indicating any clear picture of distension), all others O/E NML,no pedal oedema, I/O ? ( at 10AM for 27/11/14). No further investigation, like ECHO/HRCT to rule out other causes of patchy consolidation in CXR,or repeating CXR with PA view, to rule out over amplification cause in AP view, was done. only bloodwork done was CBC ( indicating platelet 1.05 lakh) , cardiac enzymes ( minor elevation), LFT ( WNL). The pt. was put straight way on fluid restriction, ( on admission BP was 120/60) continuing CCB and PDE5i( which was prescribed for PAH earlier), In 120/60 setting used diuretics ( combination of Torsemide 20 mg and Sprinolactone 50mg at about 10:30AM), at 11 AM indicated hemodynamically stable , no peripheral oedema, output satisfactory ( incidentally no catheter was inserted), At 3 PM pt. complained of mild SOB, then was put on 0.9% NaCl with 12 hrs span. At 4 PM SOB ++, , BP 90/50, fluid challenge for a very short duration without any repetition, then Dopamine infusion. At 4:20 PM BP 160/90, immediately Lasix 40 mg IV ( nurse instituted 80 mg) along with GTN IV without any documentation of Angina ( and GTN is contraindicated with PDE5i until washout period of 24 hrs of PDE5i as it may lead to fatal hypotension ). Echo was done at 9:40 PM , by the time pulmonary acceleration time time deteriorated to 52mmHg, but LVEF preserved 65%, and pt was coughing severely , possibly due lung injury. But , the Consultant indicated in note at 8;45 PM that prognosis informed to pt. party and at that time advise for NT-ProBNP. No further noting during the whole night. At 7AM of 28/11/14,hemorrhagic forthy secretion, Pause 2 Amp Stat, at 9 AM on mechanical ventilator ( at that time was advised for PT, APTT, platelet!!!!), BP 80/40, Pt. unconscious,hemorrhage in ET tube, and then passed away at 2:20 PM of 28/11/14. In the above case there was no restriction for expenditure was imposed, which is, on the contrary of common complaint of excess expenditure…

Should I keep MUM!!!!!!!!
with Regards to all well wishing medical community…

R N Sen.

Comment by Dr. Arun Kumar JHa
2015-03-22 13:04:19

Respected Sir/Madam,

Good afternoon all. May I request you all how can we improve health care systems in government hospitals ? I worked and saw in government hospitals, there are lacking in management part. Directors, Deputy directors, faculties and consultants all are very busy with their schedules. They implement and discusses many pending issues in meetings. But the peoples who are working under them (grade III or grade IV employees) very relax in their work.

How can we improve this ? Our government organizations never overtake private firms.

Please suggest us.

Dr. Arun Jha

Comment by Dr N.P Dooken
2015-04-06 17:43:33

I am from South Africa,and would like to be a subscriber of your Medical Times.
Please assist me with more info on how to go about it.


Dr N.P. Dooken

Comment by Ramana Reddy
2015-04-15 03:59:22

How Many government and private medical seats in Andhra Pradesh(Not with Telangana).

Comment by ysubbarao
2015-05-01 21:01:07

respected doctors,

my uncle is an small bussiness man who has got heart attack in march 4th went to hospital undergone

cabg surgery witin no time and of second option also till know he has not got prperly healed the heart wound having depth of 2inches above .
he had recently small surgery later he is at home taking info vac therapy
we have spent 4lakhs so far and have no insurance .
kindly suggest us an good doctor in hyderabad who can do the above wounds healing .with less monetary expenses and heals faster.
please mail to my i.d.immediately

Comment by R N Sen
2015-05-05 11:07:55

@ Respected editor,

As the site is mostly for medical fraternity, pl confirm if a non medical person can subscribe to newsletter or not? I am a non medical person ( had a dream to be a cardio- thoracic surgeon after passing from school, which could not be fulfilled to financial reason) with interest in this area(s), 62 yrs old retired aviation person. If yes, then in subscription format, what is to be indicated as specialization etc…..

R N Sen

Comment by vish
2015-05-21 12:49:45

hi sir

hi am suffering from alopecia totils … my complete scalp has not hair….. no its starting in my faces also sir…. please help me sir…..

i am from india bangalore

Comment by Shyamashree Paul
2015-07-12 13:14:07

Hi All,

I have done M.Sc. in bio-medical science and taken several trainings in different reputed hospitals.
Now I want to open my own lab. I know the technical things.
But do not know the procedure and legal requirements for opening my own lab.Could you guys tell me the same?Also you can mail me

Comment by Biswajit Bhattacharya
2015-07-20 12:21:27

Respected Sir,
I Biswajit Bhattacharjee residing at Ichapur goalapara S.C.ghosh street,Post-Nawabganj,Dist-24Pgs(North) (West Bengal),
(Mobile no-91- 8274941085 ) have been suffering for a road traffic accident Right Pan Brachial Plexus Injury since 10 years (8/7/2005).
Then I addmited at “Peerless Hospital ” at Kolkata for 46 days and this time there doctor suggest my father to take a “MRI OF BRAHICAL PLEXUS” of my right hand and this “MRI” report was below –
HISTORY – Road traffic accident followed by injury to right side of neck & monoparesis of right upper limb .
PARAMETERS- FSE T1,T2, STIR & gradient echo T2 weighted images of the brahical plexus in coronal , sagittal & transverse planes with slice thickness of 3mm. & 4mm.
FINDINGS-Diffuse oedema is noted in the soft tissue along the course of trunk & cords of right brahical plexus from the supraclavicular to right axillary region . There is oedema in right anterior & middle scalne muscles, pectoralis muscles, trapezius supraspinatus, infraspinatus &
subscapularis muscles with evidence of fracture in right scapula . Continuity of the trunks & cords of right brahical plexus is not appreciated & may be obscured by the adjoining soft tissue changes . There is also evidence of pseudo-meningocele in the right lateral recess & neural foramina at C5-C6 & C6-C7 levels of the cervical spine . Cervical cord shows normal signals . Left brahical plexus is normal.Right sided pleural thickening is noted . IMPRESSION – The above findings are suggestive of effects of trauma in right brahical plexus with pseudo-meningocele at C5-C6 & C6-C7 levels consistent with avulsion of right C6 & C7 nerve roots . There is also evidence of diffuse oedema along the course of trunks & cords of right brahical plexus suggesting possibillty of contusion or laceration of the nerves in these region . Evidence of fracture is noted in
right scapula with diffuse oedema in adjoining soft tissue . Suggested clinical correlation and further investigations if clinically indicated . Then I also taken treament under Prof. V. S. Mehta,(DELHI AIMS) he was operation at Paras Hospital on 23rd July, 2006 and suggest me physiotheraphy continously but till now no improvement.
ILLNESS ; About 1yr back, patient sufferd a road traffic accident during which he sustained multiple injuries. He sustained injury to the head with multiple fractures involving right clavicle,right femur,right distal ratio & Pattellar fracture. Patient was under intensive care following unconsciousness and regained consciousness after 15 days. After regaining consciousness, there was complete loss of movement & sensations of the right upper limb. For the last 1yr, there is no change in the neurological state of the right upper limb. There is history of episodes of hyperaesthesia on the affected side.
GENERAL & SYSTEMIC EXAMINATION : Within normal limits.
Higher Function : Normal Cranial nerves : Normal.
Cerebellum : Normal. RIGHT UPPER LIMB
Attitude : Adducted & Pronated MOTOR SYSTEM Bulk :
Ateophy of right upper limb. Tone : Normal. Power : 0/5 in all muscle groups.
Reflexes : Absent SENSORY SYSTEM :Absent sensations in C5-T1 segment. Distal pulsations : Present Left upper limb,Right & Left Lower limb :Normal.

Now, I went to Apolo Hospital in Kolkata for see to Dr. Sughran Banerjee (artho) and suggest me for treatment by stem cell therapy.I want to recover my this problem , so if you can solve this problem , then you call me and I visit with you as early as possible . Sir kindly give me your suggestion as early as possible and I will be grateful you.

Yours faithfully,
Biswajit Bhattacharya Mobile :91- 8274941085.

Comment by A patient writes
2015-08-06 19:55:01

Dear Editor,
Thanks for raising issues on the behalf of patients along with honest health professionals.
It is only because of your ethics; many lay persons like me can share unethical practices adopted by certain big fish !
A news story on mob frenzy in a known hospital -Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon ,Haryana, India made me share my story with you.
Artemis Hospital , a known hospital is also known for its gross medical malpractices.

It happens to be among few hospitals where senior doctors- nephrologists enjoy their meals , free time;while patients are undergoing dialysis treatment.
One can never expect head of nephrology department – a lady doctor – to attend a patient as she is ever busy with her OPD duties.

Contrary to claims made in patients charter, it is not uncommon to find her highhanded behavior.
You can only interact with her coordinator ( nursing assistant ) who acts more as a sales representative for her.

It is really sad, when such a known hospital hardly cross checks details about its staff.
For example, this nephrologist has made tall claims about her medical practice in her webpage.
But, if one earnestly probes that she is simply manipulated facts.

Patients can’t claim as they are either in middle of treatment or have limited resources to take on these indifferent and insensitive doctors.
Without a proper mechanism, these callous doctors- a blot on medical profession- often go Scot free !

However, there is a silver lining in form of Indian Medical Times that raises issues for lay persons like me.
With gratitude,
A patient !

Comment by mohd shameem
2015-08-26 16:11:37

I m 42 year now and last 10 years I m suffering from paralysis
can u suggest me plz where I will go

Comment by nilofar
2015-09-18 04:32:24

I need some information about eye color changing

Comment by SD SHARMA
2015-09-30 15:00:15

I m 46 years now and i read an artical in India medical times “simple injection to cure glaucoma”
can u suggest me plz where i will go.
waiting for your good response asap.

SD Sharma

Comment by Ayub eskandari
2015-10-09 22:06:46

I honestly think such sofisticated expensive medical technology should be in hands of radiologist not the layman and must be regulated by medical council of India
To avoid misuse thanks

2015-10-30 18:50:58

Please send ur mobile no.

2015-10-30 18:51:58

Please send me ur mobile no.

Comment by Shazmin
2016-01-19 13:00:20

Hi I urgently want the coat of knee surgery

Comment by Mohammad Aslam
2016-10-13 18:02:37

Respected Sir, It has came to known me that after completion of MBBS from Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Georgia, USA student is not required to appear inMCI test to practice in Indian Is its true further more MD degree from Foreign is equelent to MD in India

with best regard and hope for positive respond

Comment by Cathy Heaven
2016-12-16 11:36:33

Dear India Medical Times,


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Comment by Salunkhe Milind
2018-01-29 11:06:42

So many informative articles used to be published in recent past and displayed at this website. But since long time this website is not upgraded.
Pl upgrade website regularly and periodically so that readers would get valuable informative up-gradations.

Comment by Nancy Skylar
2018-08-09 18:31:42

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Greetings from Tropical Diseases2018!!!
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Comment by Ganesh Panjarkar
2018-08-16 07:03:12

Diploma course do

Comment by Ramesh Panjarkar
2018-08-16 07:04:05

Diploma in allopathy

2019-03-16 12:19:33

I want help… Mujhe surgical doctor ka bahut jarurat hai..
Please help me
Please contact me…
Email address
My WhatsApp number +966536815868
Aapka agyakari

Comment by Max Williams
2019-04-04 10:59:56

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