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Broadcasting stethoscope to help medical students learn auscultation technique in-group

New Delhi: A group of AIIMS MBBS students, in collaboration with IIT-Delhi, has developed a broadcasting stethoscope that would help faculty teach auscultation technique — listening to sounds from the heart, lungs and other organs for diagnosis — to 10-15 medical students simultaneously.

The AIIMS students spent four weeks at IIT-Delhi, as part of an exchange programme, working with engineering students and teachers, to develop the device.

The device, which can be attached to a normal stethoscope, is in the testing phase and will soon be available in the market for less than Rs 10,000, reports Indian Express.

“While teaching, the patient faces discomfort if students use the stethoscope one by one, to understand the variation in sounds. But with the broadcast stethoscope, we can teach 10-15 students at once, allowing them space to discuss the interpretation of the sounds,” said Dr Vineet Ahuja, Associate Dean – Research, AIIMS.

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