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Prepaway – How to Nail Your CompTIA A+ Certification Exams?

We all have goals and ambitions, but the hardest part is to decide where we should start. The process of getting your CompTIA A+ certification is a bit intimidating. This is because computers are not so easy to operate, we all can experience the user-friendly interface, but operations are much more complicated than we can imagine. To get Prepaway CompTIA A+, you will need a proper guide on how to approach it. This article is focused on how to nail your certification exams (220-1001 & 220-1002) and get the certificate.

Build Your Own Desktop Computer

The CompTIA A+ certification exams are focused primarily on hardware knowledge. This means you will need proper experience with the computer and the components it is made from. The best way to do that is to build your own desktop computer. When you are setting up the parts together, you will also be learning in the process. While configuring, you will know the components, such as RAM, HDD, SSD, GPU, CPU, etc. Since it is an entry-level certification, a large spectrum of questions will be related to the Information Technology basics. Building your own desktop includes not only the hardware but also other aspects and components that you need to know.

Try a Test Lab

Experience matters. You cannot drive an airplane without getting the right training for it. Similarly, when it comes to any certification test, there is much more than just theoretical knowledge. You are liable to spend a significant amount of time for exam preparation, but if you do not have any prior experience of computer operations, it will be more than difficult for you to completely grasp the concepts. A test lab is one of the easiest solutions to get a proper set up for hands-on experience on the technology. The components required for it are not expensive, and you can set them up without any difficulties.

To set up a test lab, you will need a monitor, a desktop computer, networking components (such as router and switch), and a current operating system required by the CompTIA A+ certification exam. However, when you are done with the basics, now it’s time to use it. It would be better if you take on complex tasks like BIOS management or over clocking CPU. It is a test of general knowledge of computer and its components; therefore, to solidify your concepts, a practice test lab is necessary.

Choose a Proper Study Guide

Choosing a study guide can be the reason for your success and downfall as well. If you are opting for a free or cheap study guide, then you will likely be left far from the race to achieve the certification. A proper one will allow you to access the relevant content regarding CompTIA A+. A good study tutorial guarantees successful results. This is because such a book is made by the professionals and covers all the exam objectives that are required for the certificate. It is wise to spend a good deal of money on quality study guides rather than failing the test and paying 10 times more for a retake. PrepAway is a platform that offers exclusive materials for the certification exams, including CompTIA A+.

Use Video Training Resources

After getting a proper study guide, you are now faced with a plethora of content to cover. You can have some trouble in understanding certain details. Since you will have full access to the Internet, it is recommended to find some video content, which will highlight the key points and give examples for you to understand the themes better. YouTube is a popular search engine, which has a myriad of playlists with the internationally acclaimed IT experts delivering lectures on certification courses. You will find a video playlist in the course and its contents, as well as will explore the overview. The visual aspect always helps in visualizing and then analyzing the problem or any project operation in computer architecture. The YouTube channel will also give you an access to live Q&A with the instructors.

Take Practice Tests

Taking practice tests is the best way to polish your skills and further improve your grip on the topics you have learned. Practice tests allow you to replicate the exam scenario with much tougher questions for you to solve. They also have some of the questions that were already asked in the previous exams, which will help you improve your preparation significantly. PrepAway offers a bundle of practice questions for you to try on and enhance your knowledge.

Take Guidance From Your Tutor

We all start out on our own without any proper guidance. Therefore, people have to go through a great deal of trouble. This is because we lack the foundational knowledge to strive and succeed in achieving the certification. To cope with that, it is wise to opt for a mentor who can set for you a proper path to follow. The tutor will listen to all your problems and provide you with the expert solution. This will boost your confidence and help you achieve your goals quicker.

Fulfill A+ Exam Objectives

Every certification exam has its objectives, which can be found on the official website. They not only show you the content on which the exam will be focused but also what you can get by the end of it. Not many people read the exam objectives and are unaware of their value, which could influence the career. The best way to pass your certification tests is to be prepared, that is, learn all the information that is mentioned regarding the CompTIA A+ credential.


CompTIA A+ is among the most popular certifications, and you shouldn’t miss your chance to obtain it. Find your best way of learning and go ahead.

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