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ICMR advises tertiary care hospitals to avoid at least three antibiotics

Chennai: The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has advised tertiary care hospitals to avoid at least three antibiotics — Carbapenems, Polymyxin and Colistin — used to treat multi-drug resistance.

“Every prescription for these drugs should be approved by an internal committee or another physician before being administered to patients,” said antibiotic stewardship committee chairman Dr Dilip Mathai.

Interim results of an ongoing ICMR study in the intensive care units of 20 tertiary care hospitals showed at least 5-7% of infections in critically ill patients are drug resistant, said Dr Mathai.

ICMR has also asked hospitals to develop policies to help rationalise use of all antibiotics. While microbiologists will prepare a list of common infections, drug-resistant infections and effective antibiotics based on periodic study, doctors will be asked to pick the ‘best bet’ drug to treat infections before sending the patient’s blood sample for detailed analysis, reports ToI.

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