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GE pays Rs 1 crore to technician who got stuck to MRI machine in Mumbai

Bengaluru: Swami Ramaiah, a technician of a Tata Memorial Hospital run treatment and research centre in Navi Mumbai, who had, in an accident in 2014, remained stuck to an MRI machine for four hours after a ward boy walked into the room carrying an oxygen cylinder triggering the machine’s magnetic field, has received a compensation of Rs 1 crore.

The mishap took place on November 8, 2014, when a male patient was wheeled in for an MRI. During the process of carrying out the scan, the attending doctor asked a ward boy, Sunil Jadhav, to fetch an oxygen mask. Jadhav, who had never worked in an MRI room and did not know that no metal is allowed anywhere near the machine, thought he had been asked to fetch an oxygen cylinder.

Ramaiah, 40, who was sandwiched between Jadhav, 31, who had brought the oxygen cylinder in, and the MRI machine, was paralysed below the waist, though he has now regained some strength in his legs. Jadhav fractured a shoulder. The mishap took place at the Advance Centre for Treatment Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC).

Soon after the accident, the centre’s engineers realised that there was no way to disentangle Ramaiah, Jadhav and the cylinder from the MRI machine, because its switch-off button had been disabled by the manufacturer, General Electric (GE). It was only after an engineer from GE arrived and deactivated the magnetic field that the two could be disengaged. The compensation to Ramaiah was paid by the manufacturer, reports Bangalore Mirror.

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