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Short Poem: Care Your Cor

Poet’s Note: Nature has gifted us a priceless body whose most pivotal organ is heart, also known as cor. Heart is a specialised muscular pump which beats tirelessly 24x7x365 days till last breath. Our heart works on the analogy of a motor car. Look at the travesty while we care utmost for the upkeep and maintenance of our worldly car and make sure that it does not get a single scratch on its body and has proper quality of fuel, air, water, coolant and wheel balancing; we care two hoots for our invaluable heart. What to talk of ‘Preventive Check up’ we only wake up when there is a bolt from the blue in the form of sudden heart attack, stroke or acute heart failure. This poem is an attempt to address this very point.

Dr Shridhar Dwivedi
Dr Shridhar Dwivedi

Care Your Cor

Human cor*,
Motor car,
Clogged coronaries,
Cluttered carburettor both get marred I
Car needs regular check up,
So does heart its close-up,
Proper pressure oil clutch and brake,
Care your cor develops no snag & break I

Cor – heart

Dr S Dwivedi
Senior Consultant Cardiologist
National Heart Institute, New Delhi;
Prof of Eminence, DPSR University, New Delhi;
Adjunct Prof of Medicine / Preventive Cardiology,
HIMSR, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi

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