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Jaypee Hospital created two green corridors to save six lives

Noida: Jaypee Hospital, a multi super specialty hospital in Noida, created two green corridors to give a new life to six people. A heart, liver, two corneas and both kidneys were donated by a brain dead patient admitted in the hospital.

Green Corridor created by Jaypee Hospital

Satish Tawde, a resident of Mumbai aged 40, had come to Delhi on an official trip and was admitted at Jaypee Hospital, Noida on Friday after he felt some discomfort in the hotel. After the diagnosis it was found to be a case of subarachnoid haemorrhage and he was declared brain dead on Saturday morning.

Subarachnoid haemorrhage is a stroke caused by bleeding at the base of the brain. It occurs when an aneurysm (a bulge or sac that develops in a weak area of a cerebral artery wall) ruptures, diverting oxygen-rich blood from vital areas to the space between the brain and the skull. The ruptured vessel can be repaired surgically or through a minimally invasive procedure called embolization, in which the sac is filled with metal coils in order to prevent repeat bleeding from the aneurysm and to restore normal blood flow in the artery.

As per the instruction by the National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO), a liver, a kidney and both the corneas were transplanted by Jaypee Hospital, Noida while the heart was transported through a special 32 km green corridor at 4.30 PM to Max Hospital, Saket. A kidney from Jaypee Hospital, Noida to Fortis Hospital, Noida was transported at 5 PM via 16 km green corridor.

According to Jaypee Hospital, the 16 km long green corridor was created till Fortis Hospital, Noida to cover the distance in 12 minutes, while a 32 km distance till Max Hospital at Saket in New Delhi was covered in 25 minutes.

The team of doctors who led this mission comprised of Dr Amit Devra, senior consultant, kidney transplant department and Dr Abhideep Chaudhary, senior consultant, liver transplant department, Jaypee Hospital.

Dr Manoj Luthra, CEO, Jaypee Hospital, Noida, said, “He (the organs donor) has not died, instead he has given a new life to six people. He will live in six different lives and in hearts of all of us. We are thankful to the donor and his family who have taken this step and have given a new life to six people.”

“Organ donation is a noble cause and it is heartening to see that people are gaining awareness about cadaveric organ donation. An organ of a deceased patient can save the lives of at least six people. We are thankful to NOTTO for having a belief in Jaypee Hospital, Noida and helping us to lead this mission,” Dr Luthra added.

Jaypee Hospital, Noida recently achieved a milestone by performing more than 114 solid organ transplants in a year. The hospital has been planned and designed as a 1200-bed tertiary care multi-specialty facility and has commissioned 525 beds in the first phase.

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