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Health secretary, hospital director get notices in a case of cancer patient wrongly diagnosed as pregnant

New Delhi: Taking suo motu cognizance of a media report about a young woman who was wrongly diagnosed as pregnant and after eight months was again diagnosed and told that instead of being pregnant she was having a tumour, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has issued notices to Health Secretary, Tamil Nadu and Director, Kasturi Bai Government General Maternity Hospital, Chennai calling for reports within two weeks.

“The Commission has been receiving from time to time numerous complaints of medical negligence in primary health centres and government health centres all over the country. However, the incident reported in the “Dinamalar” and Thinathanthi, Tamil newspapers dated 23.11.2016, is classic, which goes to the core of the medical negligence on the part of hospital, the doctors etc,” NCDRC said in its order dated November 24.

According to news reports, 28-year-old Hasina, wife of Amir Ali, resident of Kannagi Nagar, Rajiv Gandhi Road, Tamil Nadu went to Kasturi Bai Government General Maternity Hospital for pregnancy check-up in April 2016. She was checked and was diagnosed as pregnant. She visited the hospital frequently for review. She was informed that the tentative delivery will be after eight months and expected date of delivery would be on 8th November 2016. She was put under necessary medication required to take care of the development of healthy and normal child and she expected delivery in due course after a period of eight months, which she did not experience.

As the woman did not develop any delivery pain in spite of the date elapsed, she went to the hospital, where a scanning was done. The scanning report showed a baby. She came back home and suddenly on 21st Nov 2016, she developed severe pain. She was again rushed to the hospital where a fresh scan was done. She was informed that she was not pregnant and there was only a small tumour.

In its order the NHRC said, “If the contents appeared in the reports are true, it would amount to serious violation of human rights of a lady. Firstly, the lady was diagnosed positively as to her pregnancy when factually she was not pregnant. There was either a wrong diagnose or misdiagnosis. It appears that right from the month of April 2016 she had been regularly visiting the hospital for her review and surprisingly for all these eight months she was medicated for her pregnancy.”

“The Commission fails to understand how the doctors had failed to notice even the physical growth of the baby for the eight months let alone from the physical appearance of the lady. The above facts show a total callous attitude in the diagnosis of a lady, who was not only given a positive report for the pregnancy but was also made to consume a number of medicines during the period of eight months,” added the NHRC.

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  1. ravikumar bhaskaran menon ravikumar bhaskaran menon Wednesday, December 7, 2016

    Wrong diagnosis is not negligence. This is only a reflection of the work overload the doctors are facing.Regarding the tablets she was taking is not at all dangerous since it will be containing calcium,Bcomplex and folic acid.

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