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ICMR researchers complete phase III clinical trials of a long-term use reversible male contraceptive

New Delhi: Researchers at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have completed the phase III clinical trials of Risug, a long-term use reversible male contraceptive, on 282 volunteers in five centres across India, and zero side-effects and difficulties have been reported, according to Dr R S Sharma, head of reproductive biology and maternal health at ICMR.

“I am waiting to reach 300 volunteers and then I will submit Risug for approval to the Drug Controller General of India. It is very unusual, in fact. I have worked on Risug for 25 years and not a single problem has been reported so far,” Dr Sharma has been quoted by The Wire as saying.

Seventy-six-year-old Sujoy Kumar Guha, professor emeritus at IIT-Kharagpur, has spent 37 years trying to realise Risug. In 2002, the then health minister Dr C P Thakur had announced the imminent launch of Guha’s drug molecule Risug. But the clinical trials were then halted on the charge that Risug was toxic. It took five years for the professor to restart the trials.

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