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Seven doctors suspended for unethical medical practices

Hyderabad: The Telangana State Medical Council (TSMC) on Friday suspended the medical registration of Dr G Chandra Bhushan for two years for conducting a limb-lengthening surgery on a “perfectly healthy” 5.7-foot-tall S Nikhil Reddy on April 5 at Global Hospitals. The surgery left 22-year-old Reddy bed-ridden.

TSMC took serious note of Dr Bhushan’s failure to take the consent of Reddy’s parents despite the knowledge that such surgery entailed long post-operative care and rehabilitation with regular physiotherapy sessions for several months.

Besides awarding punishment to Dr Bhushan, the TSMC also suspended six other doctors for indulging in unethical medical practice, reports ToI.

Dr Namratha of Srushti Test Tube Baby Centre, Hyderabad, was suspended for five years for handing over to an NRI couple, who had opted for surrogacy, a child who was not connected to them biologically.

Dr Rahul Carter of Serenity Foundation, Secunderabad; Dr Hari Kumar Ravva of Mind Crest Hospital of Psychiatry & Rehabilitation, Malakpet and Dr Minhaj Zafar Nasirabadi of Samatha Rehabilitation were suspended for six months. TSMC had found that people with no medical qualification were treating patients at these rehabilitation centres even though the permission of the centres was on the name of these doctors.

Dr T Manoj Kumar was suspended for three months for performing indiscriminate appendectomy surgeries at Kathalapur in Karimnagar.

TSMC also suspended Dr Krishna Kanth Reddy, who had an MD degree obtained from Ukraine, for practising with an MD degree in Karimnagar without displaying the fact that it was equivalent to an MBBS degree in India, according to Dr E Ravinder Reddy, chairman, TSMC.

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