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Poem: Compassion ethics and nobility only way so says the Doctor’s Day

‘Medicine most often gives you money for decent living,
Friendship sharing grief compassion to be scruple name and fame,
If nothing an opportunity to sharpen your skill never goes in vain’,
So said the most eloquent Charak* foremost trinity ‘Vrihat Trayi’ I

Dr Shridhar Dwivedi
Dr Shridhar Dwivedi

The jewel of all professions why have we left our chosen path,
A wrong foot operated a scissor left in tummy in ghastly hurry,
Unwanted treadmill in a paralytic elderly with stiff knee,
Wire put stenting done in a comparatively clean coronary I

Repeated X-ray spine your own colleague selfish gain sole motive,
At last the poor chap got renal cell carcinoma dying in penury,
Greedy ultrasound hundreds of foeticide stashing black money,
Messy transplant human organ trade sticking like muck on our face I

Ultimately the place is prison not heaven standing along with brutes and killers,
That joy of giving new lease of life to newly born blue baby evaporates in seconds,
Timely D C Version of a stand still heart life so frozen no one appreciates any more,
Opening up multiple blocks in heart carotids and kidney bringing back life line,
Sealing of that torrential bleed reviving him back forgotten in seconds amidst those sores I

Discovery of small pox vaccine penicillin insulin beta blockers ACE-inhibitors statin,
Roentgen Gruentzig Hounslow Ian Donald feeling sad misuse abuse of their tools,
Boons for suffering humanity go so sordid nobility soiled by misdeeds of few,
Alas that single dirty fish in the sacred pool spoiling entire broth entire lot I

How come we have gone so astray allowed to be moth eaten betray,
Leaving those basic tenets of compassion of noble profession not a wise path way,
Determined we are to bring it back to our cherished goals ethos never get sway,
God grant us the compassion ethics and nobility only way so says the Doctor’s Day I

Dr S Dwivedi
Senior Consultant Cardiologist
National Heart Institute, New Delhi

Charak - The Father of Indian Medicine
Charak – The Father of Indian Medicine

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  1. shridhar Dwivedi shridhar Dwivedi Sunday, July 3, 2016

    National Heart Institute celebrates Doctor’s Day

    Keeping the spirit and ethos of one of the India’s greatest medical luminary Late Dr BC Roy alive National Heart Institute celebrated Doctor’s Day on 1st July with great fervour and gaiety. Dr O P Yadava , CEO and Chief Cardiac Surgeon of NHI welcomed the guests and visiting faculty. This program was conceived by Dr. Vinod Sharma , Vice CEO and HOD Cardiology NHI. There were two important lectures one by Prof. RK Sharma , EX HOD Forensic Medicine AIIMS who spoke on ‘Medico- legal aspects in medical practice ‘ and another by Prof. Nalin Mehta , Prof. of Physiology who dealt at length ‘Ethical considerations in medicine’ . Prof. S Dwivedi (NHI) presented his poetic rendition on ‘Doctor’s Day. Dr Vinod Gujral Senior Consultant Diabetologist of NHI Coordinated the entire program. Residents and staff of NHI were highly appreciative of this program.

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