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Poem: No More A Holy Fire — by Dr S Dwivedi

Poet’s Note: The tobacco epidemic is inflicting mortal blow to the nation’s physical as well as economic health. In order to contain this menace we have to put all our might to educate our leaders as well as masses that smoking of all kinds are detrimental to human health and it will destroy not only the person who is smoking but his three generations in years to come. His soul even after death would be cursing him for transmitting this deadly habit to his future generations and progeny. In this regard our leaders, superstars and ‘holy men’ have much more responsibility not propagating, promoting or sponsoring this habit in their personal or public life. This short poem has been written with this basic message.

Dr Shridhar Dwivedi
Dr Shridhar Dwivedi

No More A Holy Fire

Fire in the kitchen helps preparing basic need nutrient food,
Sacred fire accompanied with hymns cleans environment,
Fire around which we take our blissful pious marital vows,
Then a fire under belly which keeps us going & contentment I

Also a final fire on pyre for union with creator self-preservation,
In between this ultimate fire and our daily hectic life,
Some choose another fire which smokes their body,
Can anyone guess that fire of own violation self-destruction I

This is our enemy tobacco smoke emanating from hookah bidi fire,
Elite use cigarette or pot to burn this obnoxious wicked fire,
Carrying four thousand deadly toxic substances in its fumes and fire,
Reduces smoker into ashes physical spiritual life gone consequences so dire I

Piece of dead wood much before that final mortal fire no more bonfire,
Who lits this fire in our brain psyche our parents sib holy men leaders,
Looks bit incongruous but harsh reality so say scientists and medics,
Stop this menace deadly addictive habit smoking no more a holy fire I

Dr S Dwivedi
Senior Consultant Cardiologist
National Heart Institute, New Delhi

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