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‘No Free Lunch’ set up to check pharma influence in medical practice

New Delhi: Dr Gopal Dabade of the All India Drug Action Network and Dr Narendra Gupta of the NGO Prayas, in association with MEZIS (‘Mein Essen Zahl Ich Selbst’ or ‘I pay for my own lunch’), a German organisation of doctors fighting the influence of pharmaceutical companies within the profession in Germany, have established ‘No Free Lunch – India’ (NFL-I), an initiative to bring ethical changes in the medical, dental and pharmacy practices.

“The idea was born in 2014 during the Indian Bioethics Conference, where the session on corruption in healthcare and medicine was organised and led by MEZIS. This year I met Dr Dabade, Dr Gupta and a few others when I was in Delhi. That is when we decided to launch No Free Lunch India,” Dr Christiane Fischer, CEO of MEZIS, has been quoted by ToI as saying.

“Corruption in healthcare is a global problem and the practice of the pharmaceutical industry influencing doctors’ prescriptions happens in both India and Germany. In fact, now No Free Lunch is an international movement of doctors who are against the pervasive influence of the pharmaceutical industry,” added Dr Fischer, who is also a member of the German Ethics Council.

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  1. Pradeep Arora Pradeep Arora Friday, May 13, 2016

    If someone is shouting at top of his voice , that he is honest it gives others a reason to believe otherwise.Such excessive pietism that borders on hypocrisy, only divulges your moral fragility. Austerity is one thing , but flaunting it is another; and all professionals may not subscribe to it. Therefore such movements are divisive also. This self conscious , priggish approach is stifling, restrictive to say the least. Neither utilitarian reasoning nor prescriptive ethics justify this ‘holier-than thou’ posturing. A free lunch can not sway my loyalties, so I am going to partake one, with in the ambit of the law.

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