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Positive Bioscience sets up its operations in Chennai, identifying medical institutions for partnerships

Mumbai: Positive Bioscience, a leading genomics testing company, is setting up its presence in Chennai to meet the emergent demand from the region. The company is identifying medical institutions for strategic partnerships.

The company offers comprehensive clinical genomics tests and genetic counselling services in disease specialty areas such as cancer, rare disease, cardiology, ophthalmology and diabetes, according to a statement.

Chennai, considered as the Health Capital of India, is a destination for medical tourists attracting about 45 percent of all health tourists arriving in India from abroad in addition to 30-40 percent of domestic tourists.

Samarth Jain, CEO, Positive Bioscience, said, “Chennai, is an important centre for treatment of cancer for patients in India, as well as those patients who come from other countries. The cancer genomic tests will help oncologists diagnose and treat patients with more precision and lesser suffering.”

Positive Bioscience has tie-ups with major hospitals in Mumbai and Delhi including Medanta, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Saifee Hospital and Breach Candy.

As per data by the Indian Council of Medical Research, about 88,847 new cancer cases are expected to be in Tamil Nadu by 2016, or 8% of the total number of cases in the country.

Though clinical genomics is popular in the western countries where about 1 in every 10 cancer patients are undergoing genetic testing to guide their treatment, in India only 1 in 10,000 patients undergo genomic testing. Positive Bioscience aspires to expand the effective use of genomics in the cancer treatment.

Dr T Raja, senior medical oncologist, Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai, said, “The combination of prevention through personal genomics testing, and personalised treatment through cancer genomic testing is a multi-pronged attack for saving lives. Using genetic profiling, we can give specific drugs for different types of cancers, increasing survival rates.”

Dr Raja Sundaram, senior surgical oncologist, SIMS Chennai, said, “Genomics tests help in personalising treatment for each patient as per his or her genetic makeup. Such tests are already very popular in the developed countries and we are glad that now it’s available in Chennai as well.”

Dr S Krishnan, director, Srinivasan Rajalakshmi Memorial Hospital, Chennai, said, “In the era of personalised evidence based cancer treatment, Positive Bioscience will help doctors and patients to have a tailor made treatment avoiding ineffective and toxic treatments.”

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