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How safe it is for students going abroad for medical studies

New Delhi: Parents of students wishing to go abroad for medical studies must consider carefully where their children are going and how safe the place is, say doctors.

Uzhhorod National University
Uzhhorod National University

Two Indian medical students were murdered and one was critically injured after three “robbers” attacked them near their rented house in Ukraine on April 10. The victims were students of the Medical Faculty of Uzhhorod National University of Ukraine.

The deceased were identified as Pranav Shaindilya and Ankur Singh. The third student, identified as Indrajeet Singh Chauhan, was admitted in a local hospital for treatment, reports Scoop Whoop quoting India’s Ministry of External Affairs.

The three attackers were later arrested by the Ukrainian police on the basis of leads provided by the injured student.

“Students go for countries like China, Russia and Ukraine for medical studies because the study cost is very less there as compared to India. Even the admission process is easier over there. Quality of education is very good in such countries and at a cheaper price that’s the only reason why people prefer to go for medical studies abroad. However, if some negative incidents keep happening then surely parents will not let their children go,” Dr Harinder Singh Bedi, head, department of cardiovascular, endovascular and thoracic surgery, Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana, told India Medical Times.

Speaking to IMT, Dr Lalit Tanwar, who went abroad for medical studies and now serves in a government health centre in Delhi, said, “Parents usually have predetermined mind, they still do not understand that MBBS, Law and Engineering are no more the only fruit giving career options, now there are other professions also. And when they don’t get seats for their children in a medical college here in India they send their children abroad for medical studies.”

Commenting on the recent death of Indian medical students in Ukraine, Dr Tanwar said, “Parents and students must see where they are going and how safe the place is. There are many safer countries for studying medicine and are economic also.”

He further said, “You will find many colleges in India where you can do medical studies at cheaper cost and you don’t have to leave your family for that; you can study in your own country at lesser cost.”

When asked about the quality and standard of medical education abroad, Dr Tanwar said, “It’s just fashionable to believe that medical graduates from foreign colleges are stupid and that they don’t know anything, they just clear the exam but know nothing. Some people believe that foreign medical institutes don’t teach at all and they just give out degrees. But that’s just a wrong belief. The standard of medical education abroad is far better than some private medical colleges in India.”

Uzhhorod_National_UniversityIn a statement titled, ‘In Uzhhorod robbers killed two students from India’, the Uzhhorod National University said:

“A tragic event occurred on the night of Saturday April 10, 2016 in Uzhhorod – about 4am the owner of the house located in Shchedrina street found two young men dead and the third one seriously wounded. The police officers, who arrived at the scene of the crime, found out that the victims were citizens of India – students of the Medical Faculty of Uzhhorod National University, who rented the house where the murder had happened.

“Having taken immediate measures, near the Ukrainian-Slovak border, the National Police officers and frontier guards of Chop Border Detachment detained three people (two men and a woman) — all residents of the Transcarpathian region — suspected of killing the students. During the search the passports of the citizens of India and blood-stained kitchen knife were found. Later, the police discovered that the suspects had also stolen personal belongings of the dead — a tablet and a laptop.

“The head of the dean’s office department for the work with foreign students of the Medical Faculty of UzhNU Prof Vasyl Kaliy told that the victims were third- and fourth-year students of the Medical Faculty of UzhNU. They had studied in Uzhhorod for one semester. Last year they were transferred from Bukovyna State Medical University. One of the murdered was transferred to Uzhhorod National University from Luhansk Medical Institute.

“The wounded foreign student was urgently operated in Uzhhorod City Hospital. Having been informed about the extraordinary event, the Rector of UzhNU Volodymyr Smolanka visited the injured student in the hospital, talked to him and the doctors, who had performed an urgent surgery, and stated that Uzhhorod doctors were doing their best to save the life and health of the wounded foreign student. Currently, doctors assess patient’s condition as satisfactory, his life and health are not in danger and he is being given all necessary medical care.”

In a condolence message, the university said:

“The administration of Uzhhorod National University, employees and teachers offer our sincere condolences to all relatives, friends and acquaintances of the foreign students who tragically died in Uzhhorod on April 10, 2016.

“The fundamental position of Uzhhorod National University is a comprehensive cooperation with law enforcement authorities in investigating the heinous crime that happened in our city.

“We are convinced that the investigation will be objective and the criminals will be punished.

“We also express our support for all international students studying at Uzhhorod University.”

by Pooja Pandey

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