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Short Poem: Beat Diabetes

Poet’s Note: “The entire world observes ‘World Health Day’ on 7th April each year and keeps its focus on one core issue pertinent to all member countries. This year the core issue is ‘Beat Diabetes’ in view of the pandemic nature of diabetes spreading its wings all over whether rich or poor, young or old. Thanks to our faulty lifestyle diabetes has become all-pervasive.

Dr Shridhar Dwivedi
Dr Shridhar Dwivedi

“According to a conservative estimate, India has some 63 million people suffering from manifest diabetes out of total 422 million people in the entire world. The agony for we Indians is that it is this very land from where the vivid description of diabetes was put forth by famous surgeon Sushruta in 500 BC. He not only gave it a name ‘Madhumeh – sugar in urine’ but also described in detail that it primarily occurs due to physical inactivity, obesity and over-eating. He goes on to say that diabetes finally results into obstruction of channels, a process which is currently known as ‘atherosclerosis’ responsible for heart attack and brain stroke. Further, he was the first person who advocated running some two kilometres every day to avoid ‘Madhumeh’ now known as diabetes. Imagine the vision and farsightedness of our ancient clinicians, just on the basis of empirical observations alone without microscopes or any sophisticated instruments who could tell us about diabetes why and how it occurs and its dreaded complications. What Sushruta said in 500 BC has become the punch line of this year’s World Health Day –‘Beat Diabetes’.

“Taking out a leaf from Sushruta’s observations and WHO’s mandate ‘Beat Diabetes’ I am presenting these lines for the benefit of all my countrymen with the fervent hope that by following these tips you can have a long active trouble free life without diabetes:

Beat Diabetes

Walk each day yoga pranayam bit of smile sleep early night,
Plenty of vegetables nuts & fruits cereals few balanced diet,
No junk food transfats sugary drinks tobacco not even in sight,
Sugar check early ‘Best Diabetes’ stay young and fit twilight I

Dr S Dwivedi
Senior Consultant Cardiologist
National Heart Institute, New Delhi

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