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Achira Labs launches microfluidic point-of-care medical diagnostics to make testing more accessible

Bangalore: Achira Labs, a Bangalore-based start-up working on innovative point-of-care medical diagnostics platforms, has launched its first product, the ‘ACIX-100’. The new portable platform uses patented, next-generation microfluidic technology for testing blood serum samples.


Dhananjaya Dendukuri
Dhananjaya Dendukuri

The device, designed and developed in-house by a team of scientists and engineers, generates accurate and fast results while enabling improved accessibility and cost effective medical testing solutions, according to a statement issued by Achira Labs on Thursday.

Today a patient typically submits his or her blood sample at the doctor’s office; the sample is then spun down and shipped to a centralized lab. The centralized labs perform the tests and the results are shared with the doctor’s office, for subsequent delivery to the patient. This test cycle normally takes about 24 hours and is associated with the risk of sample degradation owing to various factors including multiple handling and cold chain logistics.

The new lab-on-chip platform enables advanced diagnostics delivery at healthcare facilities. The platform circumvents the existing sequence of operations to provide test results within 30 minutes of the sample being fed into the system at the doctor’s office. This not only enables accurate results, but also improves the experience with the added benefit of reduced cost.

Renu Swarup
Renu Swarup

The first version of the ACIX platform that was rolled out recently in Karnataka enables Thyroid testing, which is seeing a surge in demand as approximately 80 million people in India suffer from Hypothyroidism, a chronic medical condition. Thyroid tests are also expensive through conventional methods and the newly developed platform reduces the cost associated with sample testing, according to the company.

Dhananjaya Dendukuri, co-founder and chief executive officer, Achira Labs, said, “The launch of our first product, the ACIX-100 marks a major milestone for Achira Labs. We have come a long way with the collective effort of our team of scientists and engineers to achieve this technological breakthrough.”

Renu Swarup, managing director, Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) and senior adviser, department of biotechnology, Govt of India, said, “We are pleased to see an Indian company grow and develop advanced technologies in the field of medical diagnostics that can impact the lives of millions in the country.”

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