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New technology switches on cell’s bone repairing ability

New York: Scientists have developed nano-shells that can deliver molecule to bone wounds that tells cells already at the injury site to repair the damage.

Peter Ma
Peter Ma

The researchers call the nano-shell “polymer sphere”.

“Using the polymer sphere to introduce the microRNA molecule into cells elevates the job of existing cells to that of injury repair by instructing the cells’ healing and bone-building mechanisms to switch on,” said lead researcher Peter Ma, professor at the University of Michigan in the US.

“It is similar to a new supervisor ordering an office cleaning crew to start constructing an addition to the building,” he explained.

The findings appeared in the journal Nature Communications.

The technology can help grow bone in people with conditions like oral implants, those undergoing bone surgery or joint repair, or people with tooth decay, the researchers said.

“The new technology we have been working on opens doors for new therapies using DNA and RNA in regenerative medicine and boosts the possibility of dealing with other challenging human diseases,” Ma said.


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