Poem: Heading for self annihilation our own creation environmental pollution

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

by Dr S Dwivedi

Poet’s Note: There is growing concern in the entire country about the increasing environmental pollution giving rise to increased morbidity and mortality. It is a man made tragedy. Thanks to mass urbanization, industrialization, increasing vehicular traffic, mindless deforestation, massive use of pesticides, burning of leaves, woods and biomass in slums of cities, burning of crops in rural belt surrounding the metropolis our environment has become so much polluted that it has become a danger to human health. Result is today the environmental pollution has become the fifth largest killer in India. Air pollution causes about 620,000 premature deaths in India each year. Further more than 18 million healthy life years are lost due to conditions related to environmental pollution. Depicting such a scenario in the national capital region is this composition which may force us to do some soul searching and perhaps compel us to contribute our bit in creating a clean environment.

Dr Shridhar Dwivedi

Dr Shridhar Dwivedi

Heading for self annihilation our own creation environmental pollution

Morning eight chilly December travelling from Noida to Delhi,
Difficult journey moving in envelope of fumes and smog,
Vehicles crawling headlights on in front a frightening fog,
Shrills of horns shrieking wheels sounding like barking dog II1II

Some masked some hooded some uncovered speeding motorbike,
Driving fast with rattle jumping red lights without remorse or fear,
Scratching rubbing negotiating path narrow space crossing from rear,
Nostrils plugged with dust soot microbes filth bikers appear disappear II2II

Smoke billowing out from nearby slums shanties hutments not an unusual sight,
Roadside vendors labourers burning tyres junk woods sheer necessity no delight,
Warming themselves from biting cold smoke creating havoc in lung neighbouring site,
Cement dust from nearby concrete jungles makes breathing miserable what a plight II3II

A cyclist driving fast companion on pillion a socioeconomic reality compulsion,
For them how to reach workplace in time a nightmare like marathon for a sportsman,
Smoking bidi cycling doubling with spouse struggling in traffic weather so inclement,
Heart lashed scene mimicking tired horse punished for going slow or stagnation II4II

Crossing Kalindi Kunj bridge witnessing dead slow Yamuna compelling enough to cry,
No more a scene of piety serenity delight turned cesspool sewage sullage and garbage,
Industrial effluent human excreta poured into riverbed with no remorse impunity,
Left over from massive construction dumped in its heart what a cruelty II5II

As usual near red light caught in mad rush of traffic all around car bike and bus,
Each one in tearing hurry but jam froze time for hours on that dingy road no pass,
Breathing so difficult mind boggling blues heart caught in commotion and fuss,
Are we heading for self annihilation of our own creation environmental pollution? II6II

Dr S Dwivedi
Professor of Medicine / Preventive Cardiology
Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
Associated Hakeem Abdul Hameed Centenary Hospital
Jamia Hamdard (Hamdard University)
New Delhi

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