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MGIMS Sevagram develops Cause of Death Software

Mumbai: The Hospital Information System (HIS) of Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS) and Kasturba Hospital, Sevagram has developed Maharashtra’s first Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) software.

The software is expected to address the problem of poor, inadequate and incomplete medical certificates of cause of death that are sometimes issued by treating doctors and to stop the wastage of valuable time of doctors that is often consumed to write down around 4-6 copies of MCCDs manually and to fulfil the legal requirement properly.

Various studies carried out across the country have revealed that almost more than 90 percent MCCD certificates issued by the treating doctors were incomplete, according to Dr Indrajit Khandekar, in-charge of the clinical forensic medicine unit at MGIMS Sevagram.

As per section 10 (3) of the Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969 (RBD Act) it is the legal duty of the medical practitioner, in the event of the death of any person who, during his last illness, was attended by him forthwith to issue the cause of death certificate after the death of that person, that too without charging any fees.

Dr Khandekar said, “Doctors’ valuable time had been wasted in manually writing the MCCD as they had to prepare 4-6 handwritten copies as per the type of case i.e., MLC/Non-MLC. They also had to write demographic details of the patient, doctor’s name in each copy. Average 20-30 minutes time of the doctor was consumed for one case.”

He further said, “Now, due to the software doctors can complete the said copies within 2-3 minutes. Even, it has been observed that due to making of multiple copies of MCCD of a single person, discrepancies of details were found in it. As the software makes most of the things mandatory, it is not possible for the doctor to miss important aspects.”

“If such software is implemented across the country then we can surely remove most of the loopholes present in MCCD and can also save the valuable time of doctors,” added Dr Khandekar, who coordinated the software development project.

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