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New test to predict if kidney transplant patients would develop kidney failure

Lucknow: Nephrologists at Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGI), Lucknow have developed a non-invasive test to predict if a patient of kidney transplant would eventually develop acute kidney failure or not.

The test involves isolation of a biomarker called KIM-1 (kidney injury molecule-1) from urine samples and would be able to give results within 18 hours. Till now, symptoms of the trouble showed up 36-72 hours after the transplant procedure, reports ToI.

“Acute kidney failure is caused by acute tubular necrosis (ATN) which occurs due to ischaemic injury to the kidney. The injury releases KIM-1 first in the kidney and then in the urine. Estimation of KIM-1 in the urine helps in predicting if the patient would eventually develop acute kidney failure or not,” according to Dr Narayan Prasad, whose team identified the biomarker.

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