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ACC, Apollo Hospitals partner to expand medical education offerings in India

Washington: The American College of Cardiology is collaborating with Apollo Hospitals in India to provide the College’s guideline-driven educational content to physicians participating in Apollo’s Medvarsity e-learning programme, India’s first medical e-learning venture.

“With today’s technology, medical professionals shouldn’t encounter barriers to collaboration and continuing education because of their location,” said ACC president Kim Allan Williams.

“With this partnership, we’re making possible a knowledge exchange between physicians and other healthcare professionals that may not interact under normal circumstances. It’s opening up brand new opportunities for physicians in India to improve their skills, expand their knowledge and, ultimately, provide the best possible care to their patients,” said Williams.

Medvarsity participants will have access to the ACC’s valvular heart disease education module, which focuses on training healthcare professionals in the diagnosis and management of adult patients with valvular heart disease.

This content exchange is the first in an ongoing bilateral exchange of professional health education content between the ACC and Apollo.

“The world is seeing an alarming increase in cardiovascular disease burden. It is important that the healthcare industry stakeholders join hands to ensure that we have the required number of clinicians skilled enough to deal with the situation while ensuring readiness on other fronts,” said Sangita Reddy, joint managing director of Apollo Group.

Apollo launched Medvarsity in the year 2000 with the aim of making quality education accessible to healthcare professionals across specialties and experience levels. It enables students, faculty and practitioners to participate in the virtual classroom, where they can interact with the global peer community and have access to knowledge, resources and techniques cutting across geographical barriers.

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