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Doctors suspended after donated eyes found in hospital’s garbage dump

Gwalior (IANS): In a shocking incident of medical negligence in Madhya Pradesh, eyes donated for transplant were found in a garbage dump of the government J A Hospital on Thursday, officials said. The head of the eye department and two others have been suspended.

Gwalior resident Kishan Gambhir had donated the eyes of his mother after her death but was distraught after learning what befell his contribution.

Taking a serious view of the incident, hospital administrator K K Khare ordered suspension of eye department’s head U C Tiwari, professor D K Shakya and another official.

As the news spread, many people who had donated eyes of their deceased relatives gathered at the hospital to protest. Some even demanded the eyes be given back to them.


  1. Swapnil Kothari Swapnil Kothari Friday, June 12, 2015

    Being an eye specialist myself, I strongly condemn this act. Many times we are not able to utilise the eyes for transplant due to various reasons. But even in such situation there are set protocols to dispose off of these eyes which have been donated during a period of much anguish. Not following the same is shameful

  2. Dr.Sampath Dr.Sampath Friday, June 12, 2015

    It is really shocking to know that eyes donated for transplant were found in a garbage dump of the government J A Hospital in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh on Thursday.

    When eyes from a donor can be used to restore the vision of 2 visually impaired recipients, the sheer negligence of the concerned persons is nothing but a serious crime.

    When the children of the deceased want to donate the eyes and help somebody else, this type of behaviour of the staff is really unexpected and unheard of

    This will have a negative impact on organ donation

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