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‘Doctors of modern medicine in India are the new Untouchables’

Denial of human rights in India to persons of select groups or castes is nothing new. In fact it is age-old tradition zealously defended by many custodians of religion and culture.

Dr Neeraj Nagpal

Doctors of modern medicine in India are the new “untouchables”. With politicians, bureaucrats, judiciary, police, religious preachers, MBAs, CAs, advocates, engineers, bankers, insurers, quacks, traders, clerks, hawkers, roadside vendors, beggars and others occupying the higher echelons of this new caste system, doctors of modern system of medicine have been pushed to the lowest rung.

They are allowed to live their subhuman existence but to serve without any rights of their own. They are made to work long hard hours, can be asked to work at night in name of emergencies, do not have any weekend “off”, should work free of cost or accept whatever pittance is offered, should offer the other cheek if assaulted but cannot strike or protest even if some of them are beaten up brutally or even killed.

Medical Council of India (MCI), which is the regulatory body of modern medicine doctors, now dictates that action would be taken against doctors who go on strike. Since the only action MCI is capable of taking involves cancellation or suspension of registration it means your registration will be cancelled or suspended if you go on strike.

We should thank Nathuram Godse for having killed Mahatma Gandhi because the Mahatma, if he had been alive, would have been hurt at this new caste system and at treatment meted out to these new untouchables. His principle of ‘Non-Cooperation’ on which he gave India its Independence is trampled with impunity in his own country. The new untouchables cannot protest!

Though Dr Kunal Saha publicly has attacked the MCI mostly on all issues but in this matter MCI is doing his bidding even without being directly asked to do so. ‘People for Better Treatment’ under Dr Kunal Saha had approached the Supreme Court to take action against striking doctors. SC felt it was a difficult relief to grant. But MCI took its own steps and ordered State Medical Councils to act against striking doctors. MCI today has become politicized and has no concern for the very doctors it governs. It is but doing the bidding of its political masters as it has in the past.

Dr Neeraj Nagpal
Convenor, Medicos Legal Action Group
Ex-President, IMA Chandigarh

MCI Circular on Doctors’ Strike

Medico-Legal Expert Dr M C Gupta Comments:

“MCI or nobody else can dictate anything. We live not in a dictatorship but in a country ruled by law. MCI/SC have no power to ban strike which is a fundamental right. The referred MCI circular is a paper tiger and is nothing but an empty threat. It is for the ‘cream of the society’ to choose how to respond to an empty threat.”


  1. pbmci pbmci Sunday, May 24, 2015

    Even trade unions have long abandoned the path of strikes. Now trade union of intellectual s & nobalist need to come to terms with changing realities

  2. sumit kumar sumit kumar Saturday, May 23, 2015

    Hello, i have a gallstone of 13mm, can it desolve without surgery ?


    We the doctors are always aware about our responsibilties to the society and to the patients. Doctors only take this step to go on strike as a last mean to demand for the justice ( which is often not delivered to them). Even if they are on strike for very valid reasons many times they run parallel OPDs and clinics outside the hospital to serve needy patients. But the authorities always use means to punish and penalize the people serving in the most noble profession.

    Regarding MCI rulling against striking doctor,I would like to remind the big bosses and big heads sitting in the Medical council of INDIA TO DO THIER JOB HONESTLY AND SAVE THE COUNTRY FROM THE LOOT BY THE PRIVATE MEDUCAL COLLEGES SELLING pg SEATS IN 2-5 CRORES PER SEAT. They should also stop bogus faculty recruitment by various medical colleges in the country> I am writing this because I know the fact and also served as Inspector for MCI. Even the MCI inspectors are involved in this racket of loot. Jai Hind

  4. DeadDoc DeadDoc Thursday, May 14, 2015

    Finally, it becomes obvious what the real purpose of the MCI is. It’s just a coercive instrument in the hands of the government against doctors.

    Doctors in India can’t even dare to speak freely about organisations out of fear of being harassed in court for the rest of their life with the trial becoming a bigger punishment than anything else. So, neither do we have basic democratic rights to strike, we don’t even have freedom of speech. We don’t even have the right of self-determination either.

    Good thing I’m getting out of this country as soon as my visa arrives. Good luck.

  5. Dr. M C Gupta Dr. M C Gupta Thursday, May 14, 2015


    1—This article says that doctors live a subhuman existence; have no rights; are made to work long hard hours; are made to render free services; are physically assaulted, etc.

    >>> The statements are mostly true. But who is to blame for the situation? Who asks doctors to tolerate injustice? Who asks them not to fight for rights? Why don’t they demand just measures for their welfare from the MCI and the IMA? Why are they so much afraid of MCI? Why are they so much unconcerned about IMA which has huge funds and clout and recognition and infrastructure but never raises its voice against injustice to doctors? Nothing is to be achieved by indulging in pathetic or sarcastic mails.


    2–Medical Council of India which is the regulatory body of modern medicine doctors now dictates your registration will be cancelled if you go on strike.

    >>> MCI or nobody else can dictate anything. We live not in a dictatorship but in a country ruled by law. MCI / SC have no power to ban strike which is a fundamental right. The referred MCI circular is a paper tiger and is nothing but an empty threat. It is for the IMA etc. to demand withdrawal of the recent MCI circular dated 22-4-2015.

    –(Ex)Prof. M C Gupta
    MD (Medicine), LL.M.
    Member: Supreme Court Bar Association


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