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Teenager cured of paralysis with new therapy

New Delhi (IANS): A teenaged girl, suffering from partial paralysis due to a spinal tumour, has been cured after successfully undergoing the Human Embryonic Stem Cell (HESC) therapy at a city hospital here, authorities said on Monday.

Dr Geeta Shroff

Kamini, 19, soon after developing a tumour on her back, had no sensation in the entire lower part of her body. What made her condition worse was that she had no bladder and bowel control. Further, she depended on others for daily chores.

Though her family took her to some Indian and American doctors, her parents were told that she might remain bed-ridden for life.

On the advice of some fellow patients, Kamini’s parents took her to Geeta Shroff, an expert in Human Embryonic Stem Cell (HESC) therapy, at the city-based Nutech Mediworld facility.

The HESC therapy involves injecting isolated human embryonic stem cells into the patients to help their body heal on its own in a natural way.

The stem cell on entering the body engrafts in the appropriate tissue and supplements replacement or repair of the missing function of the body. The therapy has no known side effects and unlike other organ transplants it does not require any immuno-suppressants.

Kamini, after consulting with Shroff, underwent the therapy for eight years. She has now completely recovered from the paralysis and can walk on her own.

“The therapy has successfully treated patients with spinal cord injuries, diabetes, neurological disorders, Parkinson’s disease and even genetic disorders, amongst others,” said Shroff in a statement.

According to Shroff, the HESC therapy may be the key to treating most of the known ailments and to reduce suffering.

“There is absolutely no need for cross-matching and the cells trigger no immuno-suppression when transplanted. Such is not the case in other non-embryonic stem cell treatments where the cells have to be matched from patient to patient, similar to blood transfusions,” she said.

Shroff, who claims to have treated over 1,300 patients so far with no side effects, has over 15 research papers published in reputed journals in different parts of the world.

She has multiple patents in over 65 countries, including the US, Singapore, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, regarding the technology and its therapeutic application.

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