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Working to realise dream of healthy India: Modi

New Delhi (IANS): Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday the government was working tirelessly to realise the dream of a healthy India where each citizen has access to affordable healthcare facilities.

Modi said: “On World Health Day, I pray that all of you remain in the best of health and at the same time inspire others to lead a healthy life.”

He said in a statement that the theme for this year — food safety — was an “essential pre-condition for good health and we all must focus on it”.

“The government is working tirelessly to realise the dream of a healthy India where every citizen has access to proper and affordable healthcare,” he said.


  1. dr. anil kumar patra,MS.DH&HM.FAIS,(MAHA-186) dr. anil kumar patra,MS.DH&HM.FAIS,(MAHA-186) Thursday, April 16, 2015

    modi should take following steps for his vision of healthy india.

    1– all states should have aiims,delhi like institutions in the country. .
    2- aiims ,delhi like health policy should be laid down in all medical institutions in the country.
    3- total ban of private practices by the government doctors(central govt.,state govt.,public sectors,) in the country. doctors,staffs should concentrate on working environments(govt.extablishments) only.
    4- accreditation of health care extablishments should be uniform across the country.
    5- health education, enactation,enforcement should be proactive, pragmatic.
    6- more focus on medical education and medical reasearch.

  2. Dr.B.Ravi Kumar Dr.B.Ravi Kumar Thursday, April 9, 2015

    MODI should take up medical negligence in a big way to show that he is serious about corruption.

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