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Now ‘ghost’ teachers haunt medical colleges!

Chandigarh (IANS): Medical science may not believe in the ghost stories but unethical practices adopted by private medical colleges and unscrupulous doctors in the region have put a big question mark on the standard of education being imparted and the kind of doctors being churned out by these institutions.

With 436 ‘ghost’ teachers being discovered by the Punjab Medical Council (PMC) during its recent inspection of four private medical colleges in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, a major controversy has erupted about the unethical practices adopted by these colleges and doctors.

The PMC team found that the 436 doctors, most of whom were practising in Punjab, were simultaneously serving four medical colleges: M M (Maharishi Markandeshwar) Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Mullana (Ambala-Haryana/240 doctors); M M Medical College and Hospital, Kumarhatti (Solan – Himachal Pradesh/84 doctors), Gian Sagar Medical College and Hospital, Banur (Patiala-Punjab/64 doctors) and Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Bathinda (Punjab/48 doctors).

The doctors were shown on records of these institutions as faculty members on well-paid jobs even without taking any classes. The PMC inspection revealed that one of the doctors who was heading an institution’s own ethics committee figured in the list of ghost teachers.

The Medical Council of India (MCI) guidelines clearly stipulate that part-time and guest faculty cannot be engaged for regular classes in medical colleges.

Faced with this embarrassing revelation, the PMC has initiated the process to suspend or cancel the registration of the doctors.

“We are issuing show-cause notices to the concerned doctors. Action will follow, based on their replies. If they are actually teaching in these institutes in other states, they will have to be de-listed from the PMC,” PMC president Dr G S Grewal told IANS.

The PMC has received complaints that the doctors who were shown as faculty members in colleges in three states were running their private health clinics, hair therapy clinics, cosmetic therapy clinics and even offering treatment for heart ailments.

The department of medical education and research in Punjab has initiated an investigation into the findings of the PMC team.

“There is a tendency among some medical colleges, which are mere teaching shops, to show doctors as their regular faculty whereas these people may have never even visited these institutions. Everyone is making a fast buck in all this mess. The kind of doctors that these medical colleges produce is anyone’s guess,” a senior faculty member at Patiala’s Government Medical College told IANS.

Students pay hefty amounts, running in lakhs of rupees, to get admission to these medical colleges.

By Jaideep Sarin


  1. agrwl agrwl Monday, March 23, 2015

    436 ghost teachers in just 4 colleges!!!!!
    109 ghost teachers per college!!!!!
    Still ketan says my degrees r best!!!!
    People have no right to question them?????
    Scores of private medical colleges openly auction their seats in crores & pass them from their own private universities by taking crores again. Concerns regarding standards of education in such colleges are systematically overlooked by mci, deciding their recognition & derecognition based on the weight of suitcase such colleges carry for likes of ketan desai in mci. People have every right to know if they possess basic medical skills before allowing them to play with their life.
    Sign the petition for better medi care tomorrow
    Kindly visit national exit exam for mbbs graduates india. Not to block any one in life is it’s stated official policy.

  2. agrwl agrwl Monday, March 23, 2015

    medical mafia produced money hungry doctors r responsible for poor service to rural population as they prefer urban postings to recover their investment in medical education. & poor facilities in rural areas is just an excuse. facilities for o.p.d. r almost available or can b created easily. that is what rural people need rightly pointed out by dghs at end of interview while talking about how to control misuse of antibiotics. the o.t. facilities he is talking about can wait. & what shall rural people do till so called facilities suitable for mbbs graduate is created. he can’t b left to die? let their b rural doctor scheme. let their b uniform exit exam so that standard of mafia produced graduates has some scrutiny. it will also increase no of doctors as people will b free to study anywhere in world without any fear of discrimination. but if every body is subjected to uniform test who will give crores to medical mafia? so they oppose uniform exit exam, so they oppose rural doctors scheme. to create monopoly of short supplied mafia produced dubious doctors. their cronies in mci & ima dance to their tune. j.p.nadda seems joining.
    sign the petition for better medical care tomorrow.
    kindly visit national exit exam for mbbs graduates india. not to block any one in life is it’s stated official policy.

  3. agrwl agrwl Monday, March 23, 2015

    do medical mafia lord ketan still claims my degrees r best, yours r not & people do not have right to question them.
    scores of dubious private medical colleges openly auction their seats in crores and pass them by taking crores again. their recognition and derecognition decided on the basis of weight of suit case these colleges carry to likes of ketan still in medical council of india. people have every right to know if these graduates possess basic medical knowledge before allowing them to play with their life

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