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MCI accused of appointing non-members to its various committees

New Delhi: People for Better Treatment (PBT), a Kolkata-based charitable organisation devoted to fight healthcare corruption and medical negligence, has accused the Medical Council of India (MCI) of appointing outside doctors, who are not elected members of the MCI, to its various committees that regulate medical education and practice of medicine in the country.

To substantiate its claims, PBT has cited an instance of Dr K K Aggarwal, a noted cardiologist based in New Delhi. According to PBT, Dr Aggarwal, who recently took charge as the Indian Medical Association’s honorary secretary general, was never elected as a member of the MCI but he had been sitting as an adjudicator for many months in the MCI Ethics Committee to judge complaints of medical negligence.

PBT says it has obtained a letter (under RTI Act) written by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to the MCI president, Dr Jayshreeben Mehta, on 4th March 2014 in which it was categorically directed that appointments of doctors who are not official MCI members in any post in the Council is not legal.

According to the letter, the health ministry further directed Dr Mehta not to hire anyone for any position in the MCI who was not an elected member and to cancel all such appointments made “with immediate effect”.

Ignoring such unequivocal order from the ministry of health, Dr Mehta “has continued to hire outside, non-member doctors to suit her agenda”, claims PBT.

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  1. Gskingra Gskingra Saturday, February 7, 2015

    I don’t think there is anything wrong in appointing experts in their field of medical care to various panels to get their opinion.MCI members are are only a supervising functionaries.They may not even be practicing physicians.In fact they usually are not and may not be qualified to give expert opinion.

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