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‘Need to revive the concept of family physician to move from sick-care to holistic wellbeing’

Raipur: Union Health Minister J P Nadda has emphasised on the need to develop a framework for holistic healthcare and wellbeing, rather than merely sick-care.

Addressing the All India Medical and Dental Students Conference in Raipur on Saturday, the health minister said that while there is a challenge of manpower in the healthcare sector and there is a focus on quantity, quality is equally important and should not be lost sight of.

The health minister stressed on the need for developing clinical skills in the doctors. Better clinical skills are a must for quality healthcare, he pointed out. Due to the pressure of producing more doctors, the clinical skills tend to get ignored. The medical education framework should attend to this critical requirement, the minister added.

The minister reminded the gathering that in the early days, the family physician was a vital part of the healthcare set-up of the family who knew the health issues and needs of the family and helped in the overall health and wellbeing of the family members. There is a need to revive that concept again in our quest to move from sick-care to holistic wellbeing, he said.

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