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New technique to save life of critical patients

Ludhiana: Dr Harinder Singh Bedi, head of cardio vascular surgery at Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana and founder president of the Association of North Zone Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgeons (ANZCTVS), claims to have developed a technique which can be life saving for critical patients.

Dr Harinder Singh Bedi
Dr Harinder Singh Bedi

According to Dr Bedi, during surgery for lung cancer and tuberculosis (TB) the diseased portion of lung may need to be removed. This is called a lobectomy or a pneumonectomy. After removal of the lung portion the airway tube (bronchus) has to be repaired. There are numerous ways to do this but all have the complication of leakage with the formation of a potentially fatal bronchopleural fistula (BPF) which is very difficult to treat.

In Dr Bedi’s technique (which goes by his name as the “Bedi-IMA buttress”) the artery from behind the chest bone (known as the internal mammary artery or IMA) is mobilized along with muscle and the flap then used as a living viable strengthening buttress for the bronchus. This helps in preventing the development of this serious complication.

The paper is published in the World Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery.

Dr Rajiv Gupta, professor and head of the cardiovascular and thoracic surgery department at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana and secretary of ANZCTVS, said, “Dr Bedi’s technique is an example of thinking outside the box and it has the potential to save dreaded complications like bronchopleural fistula.”

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