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Dr Sonia Malik takes charge as President of Indian Fertility Society

New Delhi: Dr Sonia Malik, programme director, Southend Fertility & IVF Centre, Delhi NCR, on Tuesday took charge as the 5th President of the Indian Fertility Society.

Dr Sonia Malik
Dr Sonia Malik

Indian Fertility Society is a national society comprising of clinicians engaged in the field of infertility and reproductive medicine. It was formed in Delhi in 2004 with the intention to create awareness about the subject and has since grown nationally to over a thousand members across its ten chapters.

The aim of the society is to promote good ethical evidence based medicine amongst the clinicians practicing infertility management across the country. The society is in the process of making clinical practice guidelines pertinent to India and plans to roll them out by the end of this year.

According to Dr Malik, the restructuring of the family planning programme and now recognizing it as the family welfare programme has made infertility management and assisted reproduction an integral part of the programme. Consequently the interest of clinicians is growing, she said in a statement.

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