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Dr Devi Shetty pitches for transforming district hospitals into medical college hospitals

Ahmedabad: The health needs of the rural population can easily be catered if the country transforms 550 district hospitals into medical college hospitals, according to Dr Devi Prasad Shetty, renowned cardiac surgeon and founder of Narayan Hrudayalaya.

“If 100 students study there (district medical college hospitals), at least 10 will settle in the area and serve local people,” Dr Shetty said on Tuesday while interacting with a group of 22 students, from various schools across the city, at Times Newspaper in Education (NIE) Newsmakers’ Meet, reports ToI.

Comparing Indian medical education with what is available in other countries, he said, “Our biggest drawback is shortage of postgraduate seats. In India, we have 49,000 undergraduate seats and only 14,000 postgraduate seats. In the US, on the other hand, it is 19,000 undergraduate seats and 32,000 postgraduate seats.”


  1. Dr B L Bansal Dr B L Bansal Sunday, March 23, 2014

    dear sir,
    have you gone through the prescriptions of doctors posted in peripheral postings.please help them to give improved service by coordinating with them rather then creating new hospitals and converting district hospitals into medical colleges.
    my concept is that the existing system is good and we have to make it better by giving our best.

    with regards

  2. M C Gupta M C Gupta Monday, December 23, 2013

    It is a sensible proposal to convert each district hospital into a medical college hospital. The benefits will be as follows:

    1–Doctors coming out of these places will be more likely to settle in the villages.

    2–This move will lead to better development of rural areas. Necessary roads and communication networks and electricity supply and water supply etc. would have to be improved in rural areas. Jobs will be created. Migration to urban areas in search of livelihood will decrease and pressure on urban land and its astronomical prices will come sown.

    3–Medical education will become less theoretical and more realistic and ground based and suitable to local needs.

    4–The standard of medical and health care in rural areas will improve.

    5–All the above will lead to better health and longevity and lesser IMR and MMR in rural areas.

    –M C Gupta, MD, LLM

  3. Prof. Manoj Sharma Prof. Manoj Sharma Sunday, December 22, 2013

    Another point I have written in my write ups on Mini Medical Colleges is to limit the number of seats to 25 or 50 and and reincarnate the practice of GURU SHISHYA PARAMPARA a father and son attitude between teacher and pupil….a culture through which many of us have passed during our childhood days in medical profession.
    You can create any number of medical college but very few know that teachers are not teaching and the fate of learning of medical sciences is left to raw students and their seniors ….at undergraduate level or post graduate level.
    What is Hands on Experience that we call affectionately for our revered Gurus …”Haath Pakad kar Sikhana” has slowly eloped from our institutions. The out come of this elope we see every day in our hospital practice with fresh MBBS pass outs/ raw post graduates even senior residents. Some examples are indeed amusing or worrisome. Enquiry and investigations in this vacuum revealed that either the teachers have not made themselves available or they did not know at all what to teach .

    This is what brings to us to conclusion whether merit should be the criteria for selection of faculty as well as student or one continues induction of garbage in name of social, justice so that the garbage converts the all India recruits into another garbage…… indeed this is contagious and will affect human health care in future years to come.You may breed it further with the much desired proliferation of medical colleges that will start in interior and neglected districts , from where the “Far Cry” will never reach the policy makers.

  4. Prof. Manoj Sharma Prof. Manoj Sharma Saturday, December 21, 2013

    I think Dr. Devi Shetty reads your Alaa Times regularly and must have got inspired by my noting or ideas that I have been promoting for last one decade or so either through other media or now through your AALA times.
    Please scan all my plethora of comments and you will find detailed descriptions from my think tank about the MINI MEDICAL COLLEGE concept..My other proposal was to create a Central Cancer Treatment Centre Regularity Authority to control defunct cancer centres , many of which are right in the national capital region so that there is some control on the behaviour of those who have been entrusted the responsibility to head the cancer treatment departments ……. the behaviour that has only helped mushrooming of corporate cancer treatment centres where there is free of all on issues as NIBs MABs and novel radiation and surgical techniques. At the end the patient finds himself bankrupt or taking flight to high skies…..the heaven.

    Some how some attitudes have a habit of quoting only those who are big names or those who are on big chairs or of course like Dr. Shetty have performed big. We find this in Govt. administration also where only Head of the Department is heard and believed and other staff, what so ever devoted intelligent he /she may be, has no say or his work and ideas are hijacked.
    This is where our nation is failing in fact finding and in finding right person for right place.

    It is easier said than done. Dr. Shetty should also provide a clue as to how he will arrange so much of faculty for under graduate and post graduate subjects in order to meet MCI requirements.
    Mini Medical Colleges in every district to tackle the problem of rural health and patient migration to bigger cities can only be solved when we shall make a beginning after thoroughly testing the feasibility in every district and creating a pool of faculty first by fast track advertising through central UPSC or state UPSC and then go in a phase wise manner to select districts for Mini Medical Colleges ,I reiterate mini medical colleges because then man power requirement will be much less as per MCI reco.
    But the begining has to be made, even with licencing of private medical colleges where the licence should be given only for those districts where there is no medical college and this what will again help a great deal in migration of patients to bigger centres for greener pastures.

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