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Govt committed to introduce BSc (Community Health) course

New Delhi: In order to address the serious concern of shortage of availability of human resources in health sector in rural areas, the government is committed to introduce the three-year Bachelor of Science (Community Health) course, with inbuilt safeguards, Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad in a written reply informed the Lok Sabha on Monday.

The introduction of the proposed BSc (CH) course, which has been prepared in consultation with the MCI, was approved by the Union Cabinet in its meeting held on November 13 and the course is likely to be introduced from the academic year 2015-16, Azad said, adding, the doctor-population ratio is inadequate due to huge population and less availability of doctors in the country.

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  1. Dr Neeraj Nagpal Dr Neeraj Nagpal Thursday, December 12, 2013

    Govt spends 2.1 % of GDP on health, does not employ dotors, take bribes from doctors wanting to work in rural areas for their appointment and then sheds crocodile tears about health of rural population. If you do not funds to spend on employing more doctors, creating better infastructure where ill you get funds to develop infrastructure to train BSc CH and employ them. This is an election gimmick of a desperate Govt which will have disastrous consequences

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