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GSK to invest Rs 864 crore for establishing a new factory in India

Mumbai: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) on Thursday announced its plan to invest Rs 864 crore for establishing a new factory in India. According to GSK, the new factory will create 250 jobs in India and is a part of its continued commitment to ensuring access to medicines for people in the country.

During a visit to India on Thursday to take part in a conference of international business leaders, GSK chief executive officer Andrew Witty said the location of the new factory is yet to be finalised, but that the lead site is in Bangalore.

“GSK is a long-standing investor in India and we fully support the government in their efforts to increase access to affordable medicines and to improve healthcare. This new facility will substantially increase the capacity of our manufacturing base and enable us to bring more medicines to the people of India,” said Witty.

When complete the new factory will make pharmaceutical products for the Indian market at a rate of upto eight billion tablets and one billion capsules a year. The facility, expected to be operational by 2017, will also include a warehouse, site infrastructure and utilities to support the manufacturing and packing of the medicines, according to a statement by GSK.

GSK has already invested Rs 1017 crore in India over the last decade. The company is proactively building capacity in the country as it delivers its portfolio of products in areas such as gastroenterology and anti-inflammatory medicines.

Around 8500 people work in India for GSK. The company is a leader in dermatology and vaccines, with vaccines such as Rotarix against severe diarrhoea, and Synflorix used to protect children against streptococcus pneumonia.

GSK’s current factories in India are: three for consumer healthcare products (Nabha, Sonepat, and Rajahmundry), one for vaccines packaging and one for pharmaceuticals products both located in Nashik.

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